Monday, July 30

movin monday

A great man (coach michael) once said that the best way to tackle mondayidis is to get down to the garage and work ya butt off (literally) and blow ur biceps up!

Work it belinda and aldo sure did. Belinda continues to show impressive endurance and determination while aldo gets 100% better every week.

Someone who moves around all day for a living is Ginette, and together with coach tommy they worked up a pool of sweat from beginning til end. great endurance Gin

HAPPY BDAY TO LIZ, for Liz's present tommy gave her and Frank very limited recovery with the good old Tabata routine.

Coral is still fighting her cold but the tough bugger still turns up and gives her all. Very inspirational.

M/J are in the dancing form of their life and they showd it once again with a massive session.

Bob hewitt worked on some much needed tennis footwork drills while delivering some left and right boxing combos, that tyson would applaud.

Sarah showed her love of the Garage by driving in from the other side of town.. nice isn't she!

Saturday, July 28

Fantastic Four

Here is a link to a video of a speech by a man who is before my time, but maybe during some of yours (no pun intended) Click Here Make GarageGYM YOUR Battle Ground

Four fabulous and fit members in to create a whirlwind of action. First in, Sid, last session for the week and on a timeline so we had an intense workout combining the rower, squats, push press and sumosquats with uprights - a variation on the 440 run WOD of the other day. Sid did tremendously well, with heavy weights through out each exercise and no need to break. Sid, your looking good in and out of the gym. See you next week.

Ginette in next, we blasted her lower body the day before so we did the upprbody today. First off bench press and skipping - then, push ups and sit ups - then, pull ups, deadlifts and back extensions. All with minimal break and challenging weights. Again you proved why your at the top of the food chain Ginette. A massive session - you did good.

Frank B in, lone ranger today (sorry I couldn't fit you in yesterday Liz - I'll make it extra hard on Monday to make up for it). Again we hit the upperbody workout. We used big weights and multiple reps and I really made Frank work his muscles till there was nothing left. Technique was flawless, energy was high, and attitude just right. No wonder why your looking great. Thanks for a good session Frank.

And Mel W back for her second session. This girl has the right attitude and I have to contain my self from unleashing the full force of GarageGYM too soon. Today we had a fairly big session, considering, and it consisted of Row 500-400-300-200-100 interlaced with Squats and Push Ups of 50-40-30-20-10 reps each. A monster second session and the appettite to handle it. Excellent session Mel. And congratulation on beating your Rowing time second session in: from 2:18 to 2:14. It'll be below 2 minutes in two months or less.

Thursday, July 26

Keeping up

Busy bodies everywhere - pumping iron - getting fit - getting stuffed! This have picked up immensely around here and times are filling up. It is great to see you all "enjoying" the workouts and I'm very proud of the day to day and long term successes we are all having.

Sid has been consistent with her two days a week of high intensity training. Her technique has improved dramatically and she is trying harder and harder every session. She pushes through the pain - literally - and keeps on coming back for more. Excellent effort Sid - I always look forward to our sessions.

Jen has gotten straight back into the thick f things now - doing supremely intense and sometimes unique workouts. Jen, your fitness is always great, and your attitude is just as powerful. Ill miss you this Saturday.

The whole "tribe" was in on Wednesday, the Tartaglia / Panzera and Barbaro Mob... (And also now the Maggiore crew!) I think I'll call the tribe TPBMob. Seb blasted the hell out of his body as his results show. Strong, powerful, fit, lean and defined. Seb has put on over two kilograms of pure muscle in just a few months. Time for a new wardrobe Seb. Mary is always raring and energised and always puts in 100%. If she hasn't had enough, she always asks for more. Mary is a committed trooper who doesn't shy away from all the challenges thrown at her. Thanks Mary. Josephine is looking better every session - not that she didn't from day one - leaner and stronger muscles are the result of GarageGYM workouts for women - no bulking up here! And Margaret had a quicky - abs all the way!
Gulnaz, despite her less than 100% energy levels due to a bout of the flew has still attended GarageGYM religiously. Working hard, high intensity, heavy weights and big challenges, her toned body and shrinking midrift is all the motivation she needs to keep on coming back for more - great work G, its all coming together now.

Erin in on her own, straight into the warm up and she was raring to go. She did a meen three rounds of thrusters, bench, plank and pull ups. Erin is not fearful at all of the intensity here at GarageGYM. Her seventh session in and she accepts what ever is thrown at her, despite the difficulty. Its her attitude which will get her the results she desires. Keep it up Erin, you are truly tenacious.

We have another new recruit - every give a warm welcome to Melissa W (Mel W). A local girl who has had some extraordinary success on her health on her own is now looking for an upgraded challenge - you've come to the right place Mel. This is where the tenacious come to get fit - no bull/ no gimmicks - just straight forward, hard core - workouts that work! You have amazing strength and great form. You'll be a sinch to tone up.

Super Ginette was in and finding it tough for a change!!! 400m runs combined with sumo squats, push press and squats - all with the barbell and for three rounds - as most of you know how this workout feels i don't need to say more. It was a gutsy effort Ginette and I know you are very proud of yourself for getting through it. I always enjoy our hardcore sessions.
Bob - you are dedicated, motivated, persistent and focused - if your life is anything like they way you train here at the Garage then you must be the happiest man alive. You put in every single session and always, always, give it your all. You are the epitome of GarageGYM and a true survivor. Keep up the gut busting workouts Bob. I enjoy watching you as much as you enjoy doing them.

Robert, hungover from a big night out - probably mixing it up with Melbourne's elite as usual - dragged himself in - out of habit - ready but cautious for what he came for. I told him I would take it easy but that went right out the window as he did heavy bench press / multiple pull ups / dips / push ups/ and step ups. Great effort Robert. You are another dedicated performer whose actions in the gym reverberate throughout your entire life.

And again, we need another warm welcome for second time Garagegoers - Aldo and Belinda. Easy does it as we break you both in, but as the community here can attest - the initiation occurs quickly - and the pain will soon begin. I hope you enjoy your stay! (Don't be frightened though, its all in the name of physical success)

Thank you all, welcome to you all, and keep up the body and mind stimulating workouts. Lets all grow stronger together.

Monday, July 23

run, run, run tommys coming!

Frank and liz were pumpd when they heard that running was on the WOD. Coach Tommys crackd his whip and pushed his athletes to the finish line. 1st place Liz by a whisker!

Coral braved another tough session which pocused (i mean focused) haha on the upper body muscles. She will be thinking of me tomorow morning when she reaches for the coco pops!

Margaret is back in town, so we thought that we would make her run around the town! The lactic rose to her throat she commented. Josephine gets her leg stitches out tomorow so a gentle jog was administered to her (along side a mega drop set of shoulder presses, ouch!)

Bob set a new Garage Gym record for the run of the block 1.39 (at the end of his session) HUGE effort Bobby Brown

Belinda and eldo had their first taste of the Garage and boy did it taste like lactic acid! Great start guys, keep it up

And last but not least Sarah rounded up the herd of fit Garage gym go-ers with 3 fast 400m efforts on the awsome rowing machine

Saturday, July 21

Jen always brings the Sun

Three intense sessions. First in was Johnny P doing yesterdays WOD of step ups, sit ups and back extensions. Very hard work as he set a fast pace on the steps ups - but challenging yourself is the essence of good work so well done Johnny. I look forward to next weeks session.

Sarah in, also doing the a similar WOD yet we exchanged back extensions for push press with 6kg dumbbells for 25 reps. She needed to get out on time so we picked up the pace and flew through the workout. Even if you only have 20-25 minutes we can still give you a blistering workout at high intensity to elicit results. Good work Sarah.

Jen in to finish the morning. It was one of your best sessions Jen. Pure intensity from start to finish. Step ups and sit ups for three rounds followed by three sets of 20 dips followed by three rounds of 3 minutes of boxing with excellent technique and super power. It was a smashing effort Jen and I look forward to your continual improvements.

Friday, July 20

Sit-Ups crunch Crunches

Click Here for a full explanation as to why we do sit-ups and how we can improve on them. I want you all to know that, probably like the rest of you in your field of expertise, you still have a lot to learn and are learning everyday. I have known about the abmat for sometime but am unable to purchase it in Australia yet! This article explains that while the Sit-Up is superior to the Crunch - the Abmat Sit-Up is superior to the Sit-Up. So, we must adjust our sit-ups?!? What we've been doing isn't wrong - we can just get more out of each rep and get faster results with less effort. Isn't that nice?

A 'mountain' of work today

New research suggests that high intensity training improves cognitive functions. The report below to highlights many advantages of high intensity training:

Sports Conditioning

This new research is focused on unique aspects however.

High impact running improves learning

As stated by researchers:

We found that vocabulary learning was 20 percent faster after intense physical exercise as compared to the other two conditions (low impact aerobic running or rest). This condition (high intensity) also elicited the strongest increases in brain-derived neurotrophic factor and catecholamine levels.

As you can see, there are more than physical advantages to high intensity training protocols!

Note: this post is borrowed from a fellow High Intensity Advocate as used here at GarageGYM

I'm always excited to have the girls in: Anne, Sid, and Ginette. All three always pushing right to the end, and listening intently to the direction given them.

Anne started us off with yesterday's WOD of super heavy push press/ deadlifts/ and pull ups. As always she kept going past exhaustion and because of this, ended up with the most number of rounds for females for this WOD. Congratulations Anne. It was a monstrous effort today and well worth a couple of days rest.

Sid was in after a big session yesterday and she was the first to kick off todays WOD: 3 minutes of step ups, 50 sit ups and 50 back extensions. Due to yesterdays heavy back work we opted for a different last exercise but still just as painful. She soldiered through the three rounds, completing her last of a full weeks workouts. See you next week Sid. Make sure you get a massage to loosen those gradually tightening muscles. AND THIS GOES FOR EVERYONE. The best form of relaxation is a massage. Nice and firm!

Ginette also in the morning. It was a terrific effort again. Always welcoming any thing thrown at her, she Climbed the mountainof steps at full steam ahead, blaster her abs on all 50 rep sit ups and burned her back muscles on the extensions. Your great form and balance will only lead to more exact results and better efficiency at gaining them. Go for it Ginette.

And to finish the morning - dynamic duo on their third session this week. Never complaining and always "on time" they welcomed a reprieve from the heavy weights we have been lifting lately but were still challenged by the step ups and back extensions as everyone was. They finished in a great time of 23minutes and really had a solid session, non-stop and were rewarded at the end by a visit from my delicious and delectable daughter, Ava. Ava said, " they both looked pumped daddy!" "Yes dear," replied daddy, "they workout at GarageGYM."

Thursday, July 19

You just never know when you need your fitness

Us trainers always espouse the benefits of being healthy and at optimum performance. For most people this is too far fetched, they just want to be 'well'. Our arguments: you never know when you are faced with a situation when being extraordinarily fit will be the only option for survival.

For instance, a client had a child run in front of her car recently and she knows, due to her on-going training at garagegym she was able to react with lightning speed to avoid certain catastrophe. It may not be this drastic, it may be as simple as keeping up with the kids. Or it could be worse, you may be involved in an accident, or diagnosed with a terrible illness, and already being active and healthy will obviously boost your chances of recovery or survival by ten fold. Or even, like today, when i was called onto the set of neighbours as an extra, and our scene involved being in our speedos, and there, for all of the world, my body was exposed for what it is. Of course, as I am fit and active and do my best to be in the best shape my body can be in, i was proud and ready to reveal it - now this could have been a catastrophe had I not been prepared with constant training that garagegym offers. What we do here is a total body fitness which allows us to be ready for danger, when it appears, or simply just look and feel our best on a day to day basis. Sometimes the results are obvious, as when our increased reaction time saves a child's life, or they may not as obvious, as when faced with an emotional hurdle, and we have the self-belief and conviction to overcome it, as we know we can, because we have overcome the pain, difficulty and challenge of continually working out on a day to day, week by week, year by year basis. I know you all know all this otherwise you wouldn't be able to put up with the the intensity that you do at garagegym. But it is always nice to hear it again. So go out there, challenge yourself, and enjoy it, because you never know when it may help you, and that day may never come, but just in case it does, we will all be ready and waiting, as we have done all we can to be better people, both physically and mentally.

Today saw Sid and Ginette in the morning followed by Robert and daughter Sonia in the evening. It was, as it always is, an intense and 100% effort by all. All scoring well with more than 6 rounds on the daily WOD and all lifting as heavy weights as possible. It was a goods days workouts, and the set of Neighbours wasn't bad either, talking to regular folk like Lou Carpenter, Glen Robbins and few other young stars I'm not up to date with.

Enjoy your workouts, and keep up the intensity. It will get you far!

Wednesday, July 18

Handstand Gang

Handstand Gang in today - Seb, Frank B and Bob. All three showing improvements.

Dynamic Duo in to perform the WOD of the day first. Frank did an amazing 8 rounds with flawless technique and great range of motion, always working hard and performing to his optimum, but the stand out of the two was Liz with the heaviest db push press by a female ever at GarageGYM...12.kkg. And for 8 rounds of the WOD. Well done Liz. Super impressive. Really! (8 rounds each a piece)

Jen in and hanging for a hard work out so that is exactly what she got. A few variations on the WOD to suit her progress and it was a tough one. Lunges, Deadlifts, Sit Ups and Pull Ups. Super session Jen. You're already getting back into the grove of things and your technique is just as good as when you had a break. See you Saturday.

Seb and Mary in and I almost went blind when Seb took his shirt off to reveal a massive, chiseled physique. A great effort on the handstands and a huge improvement in deadlift technique - nice and safe. But again, the females stole the show with Mary lifting a massive 7kg for her push press which is about double from when she first arrived only some months ago. That's a 100% increase in performance. Go Mary.
(Seb also got a big score of 12 for the daily WOD and Mary 6)

Gulnaz and Matty in, again a variation on the WOD, but just as intense. Gulnaz was feeling todays session after yeterdays hard one and is looking foward to her break...which is still two session away. Hang in there G, your doing great. Well done on your improvements Matty - explosive push ups and great ahnds with the mits.

Bob finshed the day and finished strong as always. slight assistance with the handstand push ups but just as difficult. A 50kg deadlift and full pull ups. He scored a 9 round for the 20 minutes which put him in second place for the day. Great Bob. It might be cold, but GarageGYM is always open.

See you all tomorrow. Thanks for the brutal workouts.

Tuesday, July 17

Three contestants...all WINNERS

and Kelly in after a record breaking session yesterday. Both got PB's on the rower for 500m, but a special mention is due to Kelly who clocked a low time of out Ginette.

Today we started with the wall ball challenge - 150 shots in the fastest time. Erin set the pace of 5:30 today and Kelly wasn't far behind on 6:10. It was then on to seven rounds of deadlifts(20kg) and skipping for 30 seconds. Erin's technique was flawless for a first timer and Kelly came good third set in. The girls finished with 5 sit ups and 5 push ups for 10 rounds. Great session. See you both Thursday.

Gulnaz finished the night with a super session of:

Heavy Push Press (20kg) 5
One Arm DB Deadlifts 10
Pull Ups 15

for as many times in 20 minutes.

Gulnaz managed 6 rounds with great technique in all. A slight twinge in her right quadricep which will go in a day or two. We must make sure we warm-up as much as possible in this cold, cold weather.

Monday, July 16

Mellow Monday Morning

Two persistent clients always wanting a battle. I was feeling nice today so we did an "easy" workout:

Row 60% 500m
TGU's 20
Row 85% 500m
Dips 8 rounds of Tabata
Row 8 rounds of Tabata
Sit Ups 50

A good wholistic routine with a gradual increase in intensity. Anne did superb on the rower, setting a great average time for each round. She conquered the TGU's as everything else and finished with 50 squats.

Ginette welcomed the change of pace and had an enjoyable couple of rows. The TGU's were tough as she went up 2kg from her usual weight, and the dips were even harder. She set a blistering average pace for her tabata rows of about 1:55. Great.

Coach Tommy is in for the rest of the day to add to our progressive results. Keep up the work everyone. Summer is just around the corner.

Saturday, July 14

Jen's BACK!

Second session back for Jen after a few weeks off - first session back we hit the pads to get the heart pumping and grease her joints. This session we got a bit more intense with lunges / wall ball/ rowing / dumbbell exercises and skipping. You'll probably be sore Jen - Enjoy it!
Johnny was back in for an intense upper body workout. He did three rounds of 25reps of Ring dips (painful for the best of us) / Heavy Push Press (15kg) / and Double Unders to keep the heart rate up. He finished with three rounds of Deadlifts (50kg) which we didn't go too hard on as he still is a beginner with exercise and we don't want to push it...not yet any way. Good session Johnny.

Here is a very motivational speech from a very influential man who has brought us all a lot of joy - even if we don't realise it! 14 minutes of truth-click here

Friday, July 13

Its all about YOU

Early Anne on time as early - pity about her instructor. A huge accomplishment today, one that has wowed me and really shown that persistence, hard work and tenacity is the essence of life. Unable to clear the crate height some months ago and substituting for the foam hurdle, today Anne very easily jumped on the crate - and for 50 repititions. Anne, I am very happy and excited about your progress. Your physique is looking sharp and strong and it will only get better. Enjoy the juice!

Erin and Kelly in again. They got stuck into warming their mouths up with the daily gossip as they did the warm up, but then it was straight to work as we did a full intensity WOD (Workout Of the Day) Box Jumps / Pull ups / Knee raises / push press / back extensions for 50 reps each. Extremely good performance Girls. Enjoy the weekend.

Frank P was in next and looking very muscular. His arms were strong and defined and I decided to work them some more. We did the 50 box jumps and 50 pull ups and 50 curls + presses but as a change of plans, we repeated those two again to make it a truly devastating workout, one Frank accomplished with pleasure. Its always good to make you work hard Frank.

Ginette followed, same workout, same results. Hard work, massive jumps, excellent pull up technique, and quality push presses. Go Ginette! Your arms are the envy of everyone.

Sid finished the morning off. Just beginning on box jumps we opted for the foam hurdle. after 50 intense ones we did a fast 50 jumping pull ups. To finish the round we did push press with a nice weight. And then we did it all again. Sid - its always fun and your progressing well. Enjoy the sore bum the lunges gave you the session before - it really does equals success.

And to end the day off brilliantly, a new force to be reckoned with on the rower - Jackie, and alpha woman Ruth created a whirlwind of action at the Garage! Both had three attempts at 500m mixed with turkish get ups. There rowing times were as follows:
Jackie - 2:20.6 / 2:08.6 / 2:04.1 (not only is it unusual to get such a low time on her second time rowing but alos on her thrid rowing attempt for the night - very impressive), and
Ruth - 2:36.3 / 2:32.5 / 2:22.7 (again, very unusual but terrifc to get a lower time on each consecutive row - usually its the other way around) What a wonderful workout and wonderful times. I look forward to more times being broken!

Thanks for a wonderful week and see you next one. Have a fun weekend and don't drink too much - and if you do - lots of water to make the morning after not so unpleasant.

Note: I read fitness articles all the time and am always coming across interesting bits of info that i think you all will appreciate. Well, from now on I will have a way of getting it across to you - the GarageGYM Newspaper- a once a month newsletter full of juicy bits of info you will all love to eat. Coming out at the end of the month and every month there after. It will help you keep up the training by knowing why we train the way we do - and so much more. Look out for it!

Thursday, July 12

I Love GarageGyM...!!!

For those of you who got some Concord Juice from GarageGYM - here is a link to its benefits: Click Here
And to quote the site: "Purple grape juice contains the most antioxidants, which are believed to help reduce premature aging and minimize heart disease and other chronically disabling diseases."

Another great days of training and fantastic company as each of you come in and try your utmost while progressing your health and physical performance.

Erin and Kelly in for their first 7am session. Their second session in so they were feeling sore. We did a nice 4 rounds of Step ups, dips, presses and pull ups. Of course the soreness faded away as they got stuck into it. We finished with 6 rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest of skipping. Enjoy your two days off and I'll see you both back on Monday.

Sid was in soon after. I nice session of dumbbell flyes, lunges which Sid has shown dramatic improvements on, and curl + presses which Sid handled great. It was a fantastic session Sid, nice and solid, and the conversation was just as good. We finished Sid off with 8 rounds of Skipping.

Gulnaz back for her third session in a row. We needed something new so we hit the 50's. Several exercises for 50 reps each. They were: Bench Jumps / Pull Ups / Curl + Presses / Squats / Knees to Elbows / and Back Ext. Gulnaz did exceedingly well and is showing big improvements in not only strength and fitness - but also appearance.

Super Bob was in and after a couple of big sessions we also hit the 50's. He did the same workout as Gulnaz but of course Bob NEEDED more. So we also added wall ball and Burpees to the mix which was enough to finish him off. Excellent session Bob - your technique has improved and you keep getting better even after all this time. It just goes to show that fitness is a life long pursuit. Its a way of life. Enjoy the Concord Juice!

Robert finished the night off. Always on time and consistent, Robert showed no mercy as he powered through yesterdays WOD of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-2 rep rounds of Dips / Lunges(15kg) / and Curl + Presses(12.5kg). A solid performance from Robert with no break needed in between rounds. Your looking good in training Robert - a lot more graceful and in control. Well Done.

Wednesday, July 11

Wednesday - Wowday

It was a beautiful day full of beautiful clients.

The morning began with the Dynamic Duo (Liz and Frank B). Always ready for action we did the total body blitzer which involved:

Dips 10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10
Lunges &
Curl + Press 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-2

Together they used extremely heavy weights - Frank had 22.5kg dumbbells for his lunges and 15kg dumbbells for his curl and presses. Liz had heavy 10kg dumbbell lunges and 9kg dumbbell curls and presses. The Dynamic Duo cheer squad was in full effect as they smashed their legs and the rest of their bodies/ Both a getting trimmer and more terrific... P.S. A special note to Frank (shut your eyes Liz) a couple of girls in the street saw you leave the gym and wanted to know who that ripped and muscular man was!!! I told them that that gorgeous girl he was with was his wife - they still wanted your number(typical!) Keep up the great work - your both astounding everyone with your results.

Ginette - Magnificent Ginette. Always wanting a challenge and today was no different. She did the same WOD and used a massive 12;5kg dumbbells for her lunges will definitely make her sore. She also used a big 10kg dumbbell curl and press and did super dips. It was a great session topped off with 2 minutes of fast paced skipping to add to her fitness. Your new found health is radiating from every pore Ginette. Keep coming.

Jen was back after a month lay off and still looked as good as ever. Jen has fantastic genetics to begin with so she has a huge advantage whne it comes to looking her best. We did a meen cardio workout combining rowing - boxing - skipping. Great to see you back Jen - will get started at where we left off.

The afternoon session began with the return of Super Seb and his even super mother Mary. They also did the daily WOD of lunges and dips and curl + presses. Seb's loads were 20kg lunges and 15kg presses. Mary used 7kg lunges and 4 kg presses. After watching them both perform i reckon that Mary should have had more weights with both exercises and Seb also. Sorry for not making it heavier enough - next time! And as if this WOD wasn't enough - Seb finished with some gruelling Barbell shoulder work while Mary clocked a personal best time for her 1000m row - 5:55. Super session.

was in straight after and required a new workout as she did todays WOD yesterday. We focused on her upperbody with a four round workout of push ups - heavy presses(10kg) - and 20 dips. We broke it up with bench jumps. Overall all it was a superior effort which will garner Gulnaz superior results. See you tomorrow!

Finally, Jackie and Ruth were in...again...wanting more. Tonight they had the upperbody blaster that Gulnaz started. Jackie used a big weight of 10kg for the press and Ruth was only two kilograms behind on 8kg dumbbells. It was a ferocious upper body workout that they both were pushed in. No more easy sessions girls - Let's hit it full steam ahead. You've had your initiation and now your in the big league. You both showed you are capable by finishing with a short but intense core workout which will surely make you sore in the abs!

A great days training. Much soreness will be felt tomorrow and the next day...Enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 10

WODs going on!

A thriller of a workout - working the whole body to the maximum in the shortest time possible utilising the Tabat Interval method.

6 lucky soldiers ready to do battle tonight.

First trooper - Christie... Her score: 17 - 20 - 9 - 15 - 16 She pushed almost as hard as she could, so we will see how she compares to the rest of the night.

Next was lone ranger Frank P: his scores 16 - 20 - and we ended it there as we tried a new workout but I'm sure he Frank would have kept up if not beaten most people.

Then came Gulnaz, and she wanted a firestorm so we did a massive workout of dips/heavy lunges/curl + press for 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps. It was devastatingly painful and Gulnaz will feel its effects for days.

Sarah followed Gulnaz's lead and after doing Sumo deadlifts with highpulls and squats she did the 10 to 1 reps of heavy 12.5kg lunges and full dips on the dip bar. Best effort Sarah - those dips are the best female dips Ive seen.

Jackie and Ruth were in on their 4th session. I'm still watering down the sessions for them so we did the tabata intervals with just six rounds, but we still used heavy weights. They both did extraordinary well and pushed each other right to the end. Their scores:
Ruth: 11 - 17 - 14 - 7 - 10 with 5kg db's when used and Jackie: 11 - 16 - 12 - 5 - 10 with 7kgs.

A powerful days workouts.

Monday, July 9


Welcome to two more new recruits: Erin and Kelly. A brief workout to get the engines started and the cogs oiled and within a week we will be at it full steam ahead girls. Its getting to be a full house here at GarageGym - now let us see the competition really begin!

big old WOD

MOnday started at the firing of the gun as coach tommy and ginette sprinted down the athletics track at aberfeldie. Ginette was proud with her efforts but couldn't beat her coach in the 100m sprints! maybe next time. here are ginettes pb times 100m 19.5 400m 1.40
who is game to take on these times?

this was a sad day for coach tommy as sid will not be training mondays anymore due to tennis competition. instead sid will train during the week with coach michael. was a pleasure getting you fit sid, all the best!

Once again Liz and Franky g brought a massive audience (their kids) and boy were they tough. all three youngsters could punch real hard and with great technique. Look out mundine. Frank trained hard and almost threw up his breakfast of coffee and more coffee. Liz kept her healthy breakfast down like a champ

Coral came in throwing the hardest punches i have seen and felt. my hand still trembles!

Bob blitzed todays WOD but was really buggered after it!

Extraordinary People Extraordinary Results

It's been a while since we've had a post and I'd like to start by saying, wow...WoW, WoW, WoW!

You have all improved, you have all stayed committed, and you all have given 100%.

I've been asked lately, due to the cold weather, "has my gym attendance dropped off!" and I'm always proud to say, "NO, definitely not!"

It is comforting, (both financially), but more importantly, in terms of self improvement and progress, that you all continue to arrive, without fail, in these cold and wet days, and continue to put in your best effort.

We've had many record breaking times, Anne, Tricia, Frank P, Christie, and Ginette all set new rowing personal bests in either there 500m or 1000m row.

Heavier weights have been lifted by Sid, Ginette, Anne, Margaret, Mary and Liz. There have been several new recruits including Jackie and Ruth, Melissa, and Johny who scored a great first up time of 1:57 for his 500m row. Watch out Guys!!! Gulnaz is back from holidays and hasn't lost an ounce of strength.

The men have been doing extremely well as well. Bob is always pushing himself to his limits and beyond and it is a pure pleasure to train him. Jess has been out sick but will make his return this week. Frank P's arms are buldging and he is getting better every week. Frank B is a trooper. Tim B has began an intense three day workout regime and is keen to get up to the other guys standards. Robert G never misses a session and never says NO - what a typical GaragGYM attitude! Seb was also out sick - must be a terminal illness - he is not one to shy away from any workout!

The studio is flourishing and it is all because of the intense effort you all put in week after week.

It is extremely satisfying to see the results of better and stronger bodies, and also improved workout times and heavier lifts. You all are an inspiration and when I feel my training sliding (Yes, I am human too!) I think of how much you all put into your workouts and I try and do the same.

Coach Tommy is loving the progress also and he is thoroughly enjoying your results as well. He has been in the fitness industry for over three years now and he still cannot believe how hard we all work out here at GarageGYM compared to every where else. You all truly are working out with and extraordinary method which will give you extraordinary results.

Keep at it, keep up the intensity, and keep having fun.

I look forward to dishing out more hot workouts for this cool winter and by the time the sun hits, our bodies will be ready for showing off - if they are not already!

Monday, July 2

Life's great when your fit

the WOD was prepared by chef Michael while Coach T- Gun served it up to the hungry Garage athletes! and boy did they eat

Ginette loved this WOD as it worked every muscle in her body. During the dead lift coach tommy heard screams never witnessed before as the intensity was intense lol.

Liz and Frank brought the whole family along for the ride as it is school holidays. The kids couldn't stop laughing as they watched their parents push the limit.

Sid was amazing today due to the fact that she hardly took a sec off in between exercises and sets. great job sid

Coral and Coach Tommy picked up the boxing gloves again and hit the pads 500 times! her arms were burning big time!

Bob had it hard from the start and pushed through as always till the very end.