Wednesday, November 14

The Garage is firing on all thirty cylinders

Back to business. That is the agenda for this week. And you all have
already set up some good results. Erin smashed her 1000m row time by
12seconds to get an equal best time with Jess of 4:04. Well, Jess came
in and couldn't have this, so she busted a gasket getting the third
ever sub four minute time at the garage, 3:58. Wow! Earlier on in the
week we had a devastating workout of 1000m row - 200 skips - 750 row -
400 skips - 500m row - 600 skips. It tried and challenged everyone,
but, Erin stood outabove the rest with Bec in close behind in second. Not many others finished the wod. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Mel was in today, looking recovered from her big cup week. A tough WOD of sumo deadlifts
- 10 reps and proper dips - 10 reps. Good going Mel, you worked up a
healthy sweat, had a great session and you keep coming back - what more
could you want(and if you do want more your just being greedy)!

A couple of new clients, Albert and Vena. I look forward to making them as sick as i make the rest of you.

did well on Monday nights session, and he will be away this Thursday so
he gets a little respite, not that he would want or need any.

The Brady Bunch of girls (Jess, Jackie, Ruth, Erin, Anna, Bec,
Casey) are in full swing and working out hard and challenging each
other. All are very consistent and their bodies are shaping up just

I look forward to some tough session this evening.

Friday, November 9

I'm Impressed

Despite the celebrations going on almost everyday in Melbourne, members at garagegym have been sweating it out and doing some extraordinary things. You are all improving in leaps and bounds and it is great to see the determination and committment from all of you.

Sid is getting stronger and her attitude is in exactly the right place. After a few months she has finally cracked her 500 and 1000m rowing times. From 2:40 to 2:35 and from 4:54 to 4:32. About time Sid. Also, an increase in weight in various other exercises means Sid is ready for the big leagues. What does this mean? SId will soon be training three times a week and then her progress will really accelerate.

Bob, what more needs to be said? His name alone stands for grit and determination and his buldging arms, rippling six pack and massive chest are the proof. Always, always on time and ready for almost anything, Bob is an extraordinary athlete, enjoying the painful workouts and glamorous results that accompany them. Summer is yours for the taking Bob.

Robert, reliable, consistent and also very determined, Robert is sincere in his training and never gives up. The right attitude is what makes Robert a winner as he pushes himself to the limit every single session. Not only keeping up with the best of them but setting the bar for everyone, Robert is a record holder at garagegym for a reason. Exceptional work Robert, the sessions are adding up and so is your fitness.

Mel W stands alone. She came to the Garage about six months ago on a mission and she is seeing it through, not letting anything get in her way. Another sucker for the pain, Mel is exceptionally strong, coordinated and gutsy and will try anything at least once. Pushing herself is her strength and where other people drop off, Mel gets to work, her positive approach and great sense of humour always make it a pleasure to train her.

Yvonne got roped into the workouts via Mel and there compatibility as friends extends into the gym. Another talented performer, Yvonne came to us as an athlete, and she works out like one. A champion netballer, her fantastic technique, high strength and all round fitness make her a contender for best athlete at the Garage. Already with a 2 minute flat 500m rowing time after only a couple of months, and high weight to rep ratio, Yvonne is already shining and her results will also.

Jess, strong, very, amazingly fit...and her attitude...ive never seen anything like it. She loves to work out hard, and she always wants more. It is a challenge to challenge someone like Jess- who else does extra exercises on her designated rest between exercises. Your looking great, your body is taking shape, and in a month or two you will beat the boys rowing times if they don't improve and you'll be doing full chin ups.

Ruth is one unique human being. A false start in the beginning of her career at garagegym, she came back the second time with a vengence. She put in 100%, attended at least three sessions a week, and with the help of some heart pumping tunes, she has come out on top with a body a lot of people can only wish to obtain. And Im not the only one who thinks so. Stunning results all round, it will be a sad day at the garage when Ruth takes off on her summer adventure. Its been a blast Ruth. Take what you have learned with here and keep up the intensity.

Jackie, fortunately blessed with wonderful genetics, still gives it her all when it comes time to work out. A success inside and outside the gym, Jackie tackles everything she does with tenacity, focues and a very pleasant demeanour. Always postive, she encourages all who work out with her and enjoys a challenge herself also. Be proud of who you are Jackie and keep coming back, I always enjoy your suprise visits.

Anna, what can I say about Anna, if only she channeled her aggression into her workouts her results would be multiplied. No stranger to fitness, Anna's fitness journey has allowed her to clock up hundreds of hours working out all around Melbourne. Of course, nothing compares to the intensity she faces at garagegym which means finally she has found the place where her goals will come true. Keep turning up, stay focused and the world will be your oyster Anna.

Erin really has what it takes to go all the way as a garagegym athlete. not only does she devour almost all the WODs given to her, she usually arrives at the gym after doing a 20km bike ride. Working hard is her motto and always finding the time to train, Erin is a strong a d fast athlete with the rowing times to prove - 1:55 for the 500m - the fourth fastest time at the garage. And only after four months. Show them all how to do it Erin!

Anne, courageous, hard working, intelligent and sincere are a few words to describe Anne behaviour inside and out of the gym. A foundation member of the Garage, Anne is a true example of what the right attitude will do for you. Overcoming several injuries along her exercise journey, Anne has continued to put in despite all that was thrown at her, continuing to the very end of each workout, never giving up, and always leaving with a smile. Anne is no stranger to hard work and it is inspiring to see her 7am sharp every monday and friday without fail.

A very new member, Casey has already proven her steel and will be one of the most improved athletes at the garage. Taking to the exercises with confidence, her previous exercise habits will soon return and she will be on par with the rest of the garagegym veterans. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership Casey.

Seb is the most dedicated person I have ever meet. Alway doing that little bit more inside and outside the gym, he is by far the most weel rounded and fittest gargegym athlete. His rippling muscles and shredded body are the result of consistent, intense and intelligent workouts and he will always, for the rest of his life be committed to keeping a healthy and active lifestyle, and herein lyes the!

And no wonder he is so dedicated when he gets his DNA from fellow athlete Mary. Not letting anything hold her down, Mary is sincere in her attitude to the workouts and gives it her utmost, enabling her to do any workout dished out at garagegym. A competitive tennis player, hard working mother and ferocious garagegym athlete, Mary is a pleasure to know and train.

Jen. who deals with whatever Fate deals her with strength, attitude and cheerfulness, uses these same attributes to deal with the fateful workouts at the garage. A combatitive athlete, Jen enjoys pain, even if it comes from an injury which isn't always ideal to push through, but if anyone can do it, Jen can. A pleasure to train and know, Jen carries the garagegym banner with pride and is the also the longest serving member at garagegym. Exceptional Jen.

Thank you all. And if i forgot anyone it is because you didn't train this week. Just one of the perks of keeping it up is also getting good feedback. See you all for some more success and the odd failure, and keep up the inspiring stories. the only way is up!

Todays WOD:

Db Swing
Push press
Push Up
Box Jump


Monday, November 5

Quiet Monday

Daily WOD

3 Rounds of:

Squats 50
Pull Ups 21
Dips 21
Power Clean 10

Most of you are still hung over or on vacation so it is a quiet day at the studio Not to worry though, the ones who do attend are up for a fun, intense workout.

New format

Im going to change the way I write posts:

Firstly, at the start of every post I will write the Workout Of the Day (WOD)

This way, everyone can see it and do it even if they are on holiday.

Secondly, Ill continue to write progress reports on clients as I have been.

And thirdly, as I have done in the past, Ill add articles of interest to keep us all well informed and motivated.