Friday, April 11

Bring in the Champions

Super athlete and professional sprinter, Coach Tommy Neim, is on board at the Garage while coach Michael takes a short hiates to perform in the local play (Dead), directed and written by Luke Robson. If you are at all interested in an entertaining and dark story, then head down to screen actors on Epsom Rd Ascot Vale. Ill post the dates closer to the day. Although the first show is on Friday 25th April.

Coach Neim has been in the fitness world and a professional athlete for over five years and is known for his 'never say never' attitude when it comes to obtaining your fitness dreams.

Congratulations to the members who turn up every week and are reaping the benefits; Mel W, Bob M, Sarah M, Robert G, Anna C, Jennie O, Anne T, Luke R, Craig C, Jess S, Seb T, Erin, Andre, and Aza.

Keep belting out those repetitions and the sweat pouring.