Friday, August 31


Gulnaz back after a two week lay off and straight back into the hard work. She is the second person to have a short break and come back and do a better 500m rowing time - from 2:27 to 2:22. Says a lot about rest and recovery. She also did jump squats, sit ups and back extensions for 25 - 20 - 115 - 10 - 5 reps each. We finished with 8 rounds of tabata skipping.

Paul completed the evening and looking trim and terrific and brown from the sun at the snow - lucky man! We did a monstrous session of Bench press 30 - 25 - 20 - 25 reps combined with 20 10kg Db lunges and 10 bench pull ups. Great improvements from Paul already showing as his fitness and strength increase. Great session Paul and even better chat afterwards.

See you all next week.

Mixed WODs

Anne needed one more day off after her long ski season so she will be back on Monday.

Jackie, Erin and Jess were in for a workout despite both Jackie and Erin being still vary sore from the other days workout. Jess was psyched from her 1:59 rowing time. Together they did 20 push ups, 15 over head squats and 10 burpees for as many times they could in 20 minutes. I was very impressed with both Erin and Jess, Erin scoring 11 rounds and Jess scoring 10. Jackie had to leave early so her score didn't count, although she has been busting her guts all week here at The Garage and just turning up deserves a mention.

Sid was in soon after not wanting to miss any session despite a hectic schedule. Sid has been putting together an event which is to be on this weekend (you may have seen the P.E.G.S fashion show poster up at the Garage) but she doesn't let it stop her train. We began with 100 lunges, followed it with 30 second knee holds, step ups, wall ball, tabata skip for 8 rounds, some more knee holds, and then finished again with 100 lunges. Good work Sid.

Kim G was in and we were hoping Janaya was close behind. Kim did an extraordinary workout with 400 lunges. Ouch. But it didn't even phase her. I tried to finish her off with some pull ups - a hundred of them - but she managed this too. Then Janaya arrived looking amazing, and with the little time she had, she whacked out an impressive 1:08 rowing time which is another 4 second improvement. Good going girls.

Mickey D was in straight after, third session up and still nice and tender, no reason to take it easy on him though. A different WOD for the strong man, 21 jumping squats, 15 push presses (barbell), and 10 pull ups (rings) for as many times in 20 minutes. Mick's score: 6 strong rounds. Excellent work Michael, I look forward to Monday's Beep Test.

Michael P in for his first session after some time off from training. And after he requested I work him hard (big mistake) that we did. I watered down the previous WOD to only 15 jump squats, 9 push presses, and 5 pull ups, and for as many times in 14 minutes. Michael achieved 5 heart pumping, gut wrenching rounds which we then followed with the 2 minute sit up challenge and a 500m row (Time: 2:06.2) which sent him over the edge and his stomach too. After he recovered he swigged down some protein and was ready for the world again. Well done Michael, the first of many, many more to come.

Renovating Bodies Renovating Bathroom

Not only have we been shaping, strengthening and changing our bodies, but at The Garage, our urgently needed bathroom is about 48 hours from being operational. And its about time! Now you don't have to hold it in, you can change before or after work or just check your hair is still in place.

Thursday was a good day all round, good training and some amazing workouts.

Linda in first up nursing a small twinge in her shoulder so we gave it a rest and focused on the legs and stomach instead. It was actually quite and intense workout of heavy steps ups, deadlifts and sumo squats, and the hard part was the 30 second knee hold between every exercise which meant Linda did a total of 5 minutes of knee holds...ouch. Of course she managed just fine and I look forward to raising the stakes next session.

Jackie and Erin in again, and I gave them a big leg session as well. This time we did 100 lunges, yes, 100 lunges. We followed it up with 100 push presses, 100 pull ups, and finished with he 2 minutes sit up challenge. The session obviously worked well as they came in the next day quite sore.

Half way through renovations Bob and Robert appeared for their workouts. I took Bob down to the park where he did the most extraordinary thing I have ever seen. 400 LUNGES without a break, at all! Bob, you amazed me, exciting stuff. The 100 push ups you did straight after pale in significance. Outstanding.

Robert hit the laneway for two sets of 100 lunges, still a lot of lungin', interspersed with 100 pull ups and a NEW MALE RECORD for the 2 minutes sit ups: 71 reps. Well done Robert. I'm going to push you extremely hard over the next two session seeing as you are going away soon. Get ready for it!

Thursday, August 30

Another day - another muscle fibre gained

A great days training today. Aldo had a tough one, three rounds of rowing, pull ups, dips and over head Db lunges. Today got Aldo's heart rate up a bit more than usual, but still he managed well, scoring nice consistent rowing times and doing more reps of the pull ups consecutively. Great going Aldo.

Sid in and we did a variation of the WOD which proved even more challenging. Still the rowing for the three rounds but we combined it with deadlifts, sitting shoulder press and squats. All with heavier than ever attempted before weights which Sid gobbled down. Her rowing times were very fast and even and all up it was a smashing session which we both enjoyed. Exceptional session today Sid. Well done.

Christie in again, second session back after her month long break. I decided not to take it easier on her, but of course she still survived it. Again the same WOD as Sid, but with a little extra weight on the push press. You did extremely well Christie and I look forward to more demanding sessions as we get back into our routine again.

And Jen brought the sun with her again today so we took full advantage of it outdoors. 10 x 60m sprints at 100% to really make Jen sore the next day. Superb form, great speed and the stamina to last the whole ten, Jen did very well indeed, a session I'd like to give other GarageGYM members. Sprinting is one of the best ways to cut away the fat, build strength, and feel great. As always, it comes at a price, it is a very demanding session.

Coach Tommy and Coach Michael shared the afternoon session, with Michael D, Frank P, Josephine, Jackie, Jess, Erin, Mel M and Alex all under the direction of Coach T. Mel W looking absolutely radiant and Mary and Frank P, and Belinda and Paul were under the guidance of Coach M.

Paul did very well and is already getting compliments on his "work in progress" physique, Belinda has switched to once a week, but while she is here, she puts in 100% and has extraordinary fitness. Together they push each other and are a great team.

Mary always does well, and despite Seb's absent, the session still went along strong. A lot of fun was had, and Frank P is always looking for a challenge. Keep up the workload both of you - too much in this case isn't a bad thing.

Mel W had a hard and fast one and again shaved 7 seconds off her rowing time. All up she worked her butt off, and it was a great workout all round. Keep going Mel!

Here is the time Id like to re-cap the exceptional rowing performances that have been achieved in the past few days:

Jess S 1:59 (the second girl ever to break 2 minutes)
Erin 2:02 (a whopping 14 second improvement)
Jackie S 2:02 (almost under 2 minutes - come on Jackie)
Mel W 2:03 (proving she can keep up with the best of them)

Paul 1:52 (only new here but after the title of fastest man)
Alex 1:50 (another new comer with great potential)

A great new bunch of talent who are going strong, keeping the GarageGYM competition alive and allowing for greater progress as a result. Great going everyone. See you all tomorrow.

A warm welcome is always needed for two more new recruits jumping aboard the train to optimum fitness this week. Robert who has shown his dexterity already by not procrastinating and joining up for a Saturday morning session. And Michael P, ready for a battle, starting here tomorrow afternoon. Welcome to both of you.

Tuesday, August 28

Rest Day

No training today so here is a little light reading:

"Training is no Guarantee of Health"

Monday, August 27

Back Online

Sorry to have missed the last few days of posting. No excuses so I'll just shout my mouth and get on with it.

Last week ended on a fairly easy note as I downgraded most peoples sessions to allow them a bit of recovery from the long hard haul we've all been doing over the winter months. It was a mixture of exercises, enough to the get the heart rate going but not enough to emit any soreness.

Jackie and Erin are going strong with Jess jumping in the deep end and matching it with them both even though they have been here for several weeks now and Jess is just beginning. Together you all push each other and push the garagegym envelope of what is possible. Great going.

Robert still hanging around and still putting in all he can muster. Robert, you are one of the most consistent people Ive ever met, well done! See you next week for a more brutal session.

Mel W is getting in better shape every session, each one building upon last weeks work. Fairly new to the world of GarageGYM but enough session under her belt to know what is asked of her, Mel does extraordinarily well ever time and without even a whimper.

Sid had a great session, no holding back - not that you ever do Sid. Another one who keeps coming back and if I have learnt anything from my many years in the fitness industry it is those who continue to turn up each week who get the gains they are after.

And we welcome the return of Christie who has had a month off to finish home renovations. A moderate session of mixed exercises to break her in, but no suprise she rowed a better time than she had done before with a new PB of 2:05.7 - showing us that a little rest isn't a bad thing - just not too much hey Christie.

Paul and Belinda in Friday noght after their trip to the snow along with several other GarageGYM members and Coach Tommy took them through their workouts.

Jen finished off the week on Saturday with a beautiful park workout as the sun was shining and we couldn't resist. Lots of fun on the play equipment, Jen showing me she hasn't lost her childhood spirit. See you Wednesday Jen.

Monday back at the Garage and it was one of those weekends where most people wanted their Monday's off from training. Only Ginette made it in for the morning and even she was in a hurry. A solid set of squats, deadlifts and the dynamic clean and press reserved for the elite only is what Ginette was served with. She managed just fine and had superb technique and really showing her foundational work she has doen over the past winter. Time to pick up the pace and enjoy the sun Ginette.

I'll make a post now about new recruit Michael D.

is on a mission and we here at the Garage are going to help him achieve it. I won't divulge too much yet, but from first impression, Michael seems the type to really put it all on the line and get the most out of every workout - another real Garagegym memebr in the making. Great to have you on board Mick.

Wednesday, August 22

The Sun is Back

Mel W waiting patiently for her first session this week. Mel is a favourite of GarageGYM's, never whinging and always asking for more... Today was no excetion. We strated the day with yesterday's WOD of db burpee variations, rowing and knee holds. Three devastating exercises performed for three rounds. Always a great combination. And really pushing clients. Great going Mel, and well done on a new 500m rowing PB.

Aldo in straight after looking for the same challenge. Aldo has graduated from five plus sessions now and is in the big league and he took up the challenge well. Again the same WOD and again the same attitude getting him over the line. Never say never. Try, try, try...! Great Aldo, a definite improvement in fitness and a big twenty plus seconds improvement in 500m rowing times. Go Aldo.

Sid in for a great session and she kicked off the daily WOD of tabata intervals for pull ups, push ups, sit ups, squats and skipping. And Sid smilled with glee as she got through all of them with improved strength, stamina, and overall fitness. Sid, keep going, your always improving. Always.

Ginette the Gun in looking for some revenge from Monday's challenging workout when she was a little flat. Who cares Ginette, you made up for it today with an awesome tabata interval session of pull ups, push ups(on her feet for most), sit ups, squats and skipping. Again, another session bites the dust as you cleaned it right up.

Liz and Frank in today, not so dynamic as Frank was nursing a runned down body due to a nasty little bug trying to beat him. He didn't let it stop him as he and gorgeous Liz hit the Tabata intervals. Great all round, especially Liz who was on fire and always, and I mean always, does whatever is thrown at her, proving once again that girls are as tough if not stronger than men when it comes to will power. Frank did well just turning up.

And Jen, glorious Jen, with her new found contentment in life, really had a fresh new approach to training and tackled it in superb form and even finished the session off by saying, "oh, that was easy" - see Jen, its all in the mind. Excellent work, i look forward to more brutal and demanding sessions with you.

Coach Tommy had his 5pm session with GarageGYM members so I cannot speak on his behalf, but i did train ALex and Mel and I must say, obviously they are both young and in okay shape as it is, but their genetic potential is extraordinary, and they will both go far with consistent and intense training whcih they have shown they are capable of. Great going guys. Love your work.

Monday, August 20


Coach Tommy gave Coral some of the old PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD to her specialised program. It is amazing how as little as 5-10 more reps can make all the difference to a session at the GARAGE. The PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD PRINCIPLE is a part of each members program at the GARAGE. It basically means that Coach Michael and Tommy add a little bit more intensity to your WODS every week (this is how we all better ourselves during each and every session

Franky and josephine seem to progress in strength and fitness every time they get stuck into there workout.
They enjoyed the new variation to the burpees and after the WOD still had some energy and motivation left to go for a 5 min run around the block. Great Stuff guys

Bob the builder of muscle did an awesome job at the Garage gym work site. Bob completed the WOD ( DB burpees, skipping, knee raise and hold) to max intensity. SO DID HIS DAUGHTER SARAH. Great sess you two!

mel and alex are new to many of Michaels WODS but they are quick to pick things up. Alex wanted an extra set of bicep curls so Coach Tommy gave him 3! ha!

Friday, August 17

How to Eat

Meat and Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, Some fruit, little starch, and almost no sugar. Enough said. "quoting my mentor, Coach Greg"

Another fiery day at the Garage

What wonderful competition and results we are all achieving.

Anne in for her last session before her big ski trip so we took it moderately so she wouldn't be sore for the slopes this weekend. A bit on the rower, some intervals and the wall ball challenge, of course, which she did in under four minutes, a three minute improvement on her old score - with a heavy medicine ball. Have fun Anne, you've trained hard and you will be rewarded with many fun days on the slopes out doing all your peers.

Mel W in straight after and no holiday for her. Hard work again after Wednesdays big session which she was still feeling the remnants from. Wallball challenge, and yes, she also scored under 3 minutes for the wallball - with a four kilogram ball. Wow, absolutely great! We followed this up with tabata push ups, 50 sit ups and back extensions, 5o thrusters, and a good solid 1000m row. All in all, another great performance from mel who is going from strength to strength.

Sid in for her second one of the week. Again the challenge was put to her and she scored under 4 minutes. To note: under four minutes is a great time, under three is incredible. All of you achieved either one of these. Looks like the Garage is working! Sid did a variation of the WOD, doing heavy lunges instead of thrusters, tabata skipping, sit ups. Good work Sid. Moving along nicely.

Ginette, Guinea Pig Ginette today. She sampled a new interval I am playing with: 15 reps of a heavy weight exercise followed by 30 seconds rest, repeated for a total of 5 rounds. And boy did it hurt. A few extra seconds rest to keep her form, what a gut busting effort. But that wasn't all, tabata row for 8 rounds in between this exercise and the next, same interval pattern, different exercise - 40kg squats. A herculean effort from ginette saw her over the line. Thanks for toughing it out Ginette. Today was my pleasure.

Belinda and Paul in, both sore from Wednesday's workout, Paul a lot more so. He didn't tell me they were leaving for the slopes also this weekend - I could have taken it easy!!! They did do the smart thing and trained this evening to help dissipate the soreness to a degree by exercising (moderately) which got blood to the sore muscles (and as we all know, it is the blood which carries all the goodness around our bodies) and will speed up their recovery. Belinda did a cariation of Ginette's monster session, combined with tabata skipping and sit ups, and Paul rowed his soreness away mixed in with some push press and squat rounds. Enjoy the snow - we will all be thinking off you.

"I'll see tomorrow's members for another end to a smashing week"

Thursday, August 16

I Must Eat My Words

I said in yesterdays post that no one else would possibley beat 3 minutes for the wall ball but it looks like I have underestimated you all. Enormous gains have gotten you all extraordinary results and tonight Robert was the Hero. He did the wall ball challenge for the first time since starting GarageGYM several months ago. His time, a fantastic 2:39. WOW! And finished the session of with a ferocious tabata push up, thruster, sit up, beck extension and row session - fast and hard. Exceptional Robert. Well done.

Jackie and Erin started the moring and Erin had her shot a the wall ball challenge. A new client and stopped several times to improve her technique, she scored a time of 7 minutes. Great time Erin - something to work on! Jackie did her first 1000m row and got a moderate score considering her other records for other exercises, but she has to have one weak point. Erin did well on the row and scored a new PB for her 500m row time from 2:22 to 2:20. They finshed with some heavy weights.

Gulnaz was still nursing a small injury in her arm so we focused on her lower body again: box jumps 50, sit ups 50, back extensions 50 for three rounds. Super G. Have a rest after three solid sessions and I'll see you on Saturday.

Bob, we missed you yesterday and a big thanks for the flowers sent to our door to celebrate the arrival of our newborn. Thank you very much.

Ive gotten some sleep last night so I feel much better today.

Wednesday, August 15

A Family Affair

We have several members from the same family - siblings, uncles, aunties, mothers, fathers, partners...its crazy! Anymore and I'll have to re-name the studio after them.

On a more serious note, business is going strong, thanks to a fantastic, no-nonsense approach method of fitness, dedicated and hard working clients, and our will as humans to better ourselves and take the challenge of greater health.

Its so busy that keeping this post going is a full time job. You'll notice the time I'm writing this entry and the fact that I have missed the last couple of days as proof.

Here is a re-cap of the last few days:

First session in on Monday morning - Linda. Linda is one of our newest members and so far is enjoying the gradual increase in intensity. We did a meener than usual workout with Wall ball, box jumps dips and tababta skipping. In between each exercises we did ten reps of knee raises - a fantastic core exercise which is far superior to sit-ups.

Next in was Anne. A soldier in the army of GarageGYM and always ready to take up the battle. Anne is supremely fit, strong and looking great. Anne came to us over a year ago looking for improvements for her annual ski trip. What she found was a challenging and rewarding habit which is making her achieve a level of fitness which will help her in more than her skiing. Well done Anne on a tremendous years training. Enjoy your week of up the alps.

Ginette was back in after a week of to rest those tight and toned muscles of hers. Ginette trained a monster session on Monday and then came in today and she showed her increased energy and fitness with a record breaking wall ball record of 3:09 with a 4kg medicine ball. This is an extraordinary effort and she beat everyone up to date with this everyone - the men and women. Ginette, you having improved ten fold since joining several months ago and it is due to your unwavering persistance. You truly fight to the death - sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. I love working out with you.

Liz and Frank - the dynamic duo - were also in Monday and today. Again to dedicated members who push till there is nothing left in the tank, and again they did with the wall ball challenge, both breaking their own personal best times. Liz down from over 5minutes to 4 minutes flat, and Frank from 3:45 down to 3:35. Both have shown extraordinary body transformations and also have a long list of other benefits from continuous traing. Thank you both for your time here. It has been a blast

Coach Tommy continued with the devastating sessions on Monday evening. Unfortunately I cannot speak for him but I do know all his clients. Coral is one of the longest members here at the Garage and has soldiered on despite many setbacks. She continues to turn up and do her utmost at attaining great health. Keep up with the work load Coral. It must be done.

ALso Frank, Josephine, Bob, Jackie and new member Ellen were in that night - but I'll speak about them later on.

Tuesday saw Gulnaz and Mert start the evening sessions off. Mert, full of beans, keep us enteratined while we worked on and around G's small injury. They both hit the gym tonigh as well, and G focused on her legs finishing a monster leg workout of 150 squats - 100 jumping squats - 50 lunges. Mert did wall ball and a watered down version of the daily WOD. See you both tomorrow.

Mel and Alex (great to meet you both for the first time) were in for another one of their initiation sessions. Both keen to get results, they pushed extremely hard despite being only newcomers. They did the farmers run with very heavy weights interspursed with various exercises which really gave them a hard and thorough wokrout. Keep it up, the results will come and you'll being to love every minute of it.

Erin continuing with her exercise routine and becoming a familiar face was in again to push hard. The same was as the session before, she also was pushed hard, as everyone always is, and together we got her to really get the most out of herself. Now you are a pro at GarageGYM Erin, its time to accelerate the intensity and reach for the stars in terms of health, fitness and all that comes with it.

And, finally, to Wednesdays session - all twelve of them. Mel W in for her workout which she loves so much and keeps coming back for more. Again the WOD of farmers run and various other exercises was administered and she devoured it whole. Excellent attitude, strength and increasing fitness is seeing Mel W get the results she wants - hard work + time = success.

Lovely Sid and ready for whatever I throw at her. A really hard session as well. Instead of just various exercises in between the farmers run, we also threw in some great conversations. Thanks for the words of wisdom Sid. Your body is getting better every time I see you but don't think it is ok not to train just because your looking great. Keep coming back.

Jen is back for more - always and forever. She is adicted and cannot get enough of this place. Its obvious why though. Great coaches, a private environment and pure, hard, work. Jen hit the wall with the ball and smashed...yes, smashed her old time of 8:05 and recorded a blistering 3:39. I forget to tell her first time that it was a race against the clock, but still, an obvious improvement. Jen, your great, thanks for the presents and I look forward to Saturday's session.

Kim and Janaya completed the mornings workouts with their first attempt at the Wall Ball Challenge. The shared the load and finished together on 4:20. A great starting time and lots of improvements to come. Janaya was keen to beat her already impressive rowing time and that she did. A new time of 2:14 was recorded and she put out the challenge to Ginette that she is after her record - this si what it is all about! Kim, your technique, understanding of the human body and all round fitness is superb and I cannot wait to build on it. It's great to have you both on board.

Frank P made his return to GarageGYM this week and together with sis Josephine, they hit the wall to beat their old times, and, obvious now in this post, they also beat them. People are getting fitter, better bodies, and feeling full of energy thanks to the hard work they are applying on themselves. Oh yes, their times for the challenge: Josephine - 3:21 with 4kg and Frank with 3:20 with 5kg. Very impressive, and great end to the session as well.

Seb and gorgeous Mary followed. A few niggles didn't stop Mary as she powered through a leg session of 150 squats - 50 jumping squats - 50 lunges and much core work. Mary, you try and try and try and you can match it with anyone when it comes to determination. And, THE CHAMPION OF THE DAY, YEAR, DECADE - should I go on. Not only has his body gone from great to absolutely spectacular, Seb's fitness, muscle mass, body fat, strength, power, agility, endurance, speed and so forth has increased through the roof. How do I know, just look at his Wall Ball Challenge time - 2:24 - the first ever person probably on the face of the planet to get under three minutes. No more words are needed. P.S. Thank you so much for the gift both of you - Thank You.

ALdo in as a lone ranger which allows me to hone in on him. After Mary's advice to 'work him hard' that we did. But, Aldo was up to the challenge and he completed the wall ball challenge in a blistering pace of 3:10. A fantastic result for a newcomer and the super performance must run in the family. Aldo also completed the rest of the session with thirteen rounds of the WOD. Excellent Aldo, your fitness is already up.

Belinda and Paul in. Belinda a few session in so i didn't let up on her once. Paul on the other hand is just new to the garage so I went a little easier - that won't last. Belinda got her first result for the wall challenge and she got uner 4 minutes for the exercise. Again, for a beginner, this is extraordinary. Paul did a variation of everything cause I want him to come back - I'll unleash the full force in a few sessions time. Thank you both for putting your trust in me and I look forward to a growing relationship in body, health and just everyday life.

And, for the final session but just as great as all others - Jackie and newbie Ellen. Ellen displayed awesome fintess, endurance and resolve for a first time GarageGYM user and will definitely achieve much with this program. Welcome Ellen. Jackie - psycho Jackie(psycho because she never stops and does it four times a week) lived up to her fittist woman title and almost threw Ginette from the podium. It has only been a couple of months but Jackie is already showing results in everything she does. You may be genetically gifted Jackie - but that doesn't mean anything when faced with the pain of the workouts - you also have the tenacity to keep coming back for more. Go get 'em!

Thank you and good night. I love this place.


Tuesday, August 14


Why gymnastics, weightlifting and sprintings as fundamentals to optimum and true health and fitness?

Gymnasts have no peer in core power, upperbody strength, and agility, accuracy, balance and coordination. They are superior to everyone in body control.

Weightlifters are masters of power, speed and hip and leg strength. Powerful hip extension is the most critical element of human performance and funtionality and no one can compete with a weightlifter.

Sprinters have enormous physical potential due to their competency in both metabolic states - high intensity (anaerobic) and low intenisty (aerobic) and the total conditioning that sprinting demands.

Blending workouts from gymnastics (push ups, pull ups, squats, sit ups, jumping), weightlifting (deadlifts, bench press, push press) and sprinting (short bursts of high intensity) gives us a total greater than the sum of its parts - GarageGYM athletes!

Keep up the great work - the workouts performed at GarageGYM give you the potential to be one of the fittest people on earth - at least fitter than YOU have ever thought possible. But it doesn't come easy - happiness never does.

Saturday, August 11

Left, good deadlift starting position. Next three, common deadlift faults

First in, Jackie. A very, very hard workout which obviously Jackie can handle, although the Farmers Walk is the first time I've seen her being tested - what do you expect with 15kg in each hand! She did full eccentric pull ups(eccentric = the lowering pahse, concentric = the pulling up phase) and I know she will be at full pull ups within a month. Go get 'em Jackie.

Aldo and Belinda next. A few sessions in now and the pace is increasing as well as the intensity. They did the leg emphasis WOD of squats, box jumps and wall ball. Together they got one of the fastest WOD times for this workout. Already proving they will be a force to reckon with. COngratulations in attaining a higher intensity level. The momentum has been created, there is no stopping you both now.

Jen in to finish the day off. Wonder Jen, always keen to get sweaty and puffed, we also did the leg emphasis WOD which Jen handled no problem. An avid GarageGYM member, Jen has been here from day one, and her skill in the gym is the proof!

Thank you all and I look forward to a big week next week. Don't mind me if I fall asleep on the job - its the newborns fault!


You'll notice a change to the table of contents on the right hand side of this page. The names of each member will eventualy appear and when you click on your name, you will be directed to a website which will contain most of your workout history, days trained, weights lifted, milestones reached, and you'll be able to compare old results with new ones in order to give you that added drive when you're feeling flat some days.

It is a work in progress and it is something Im teaching my self to do so be patient. Currently if you click on a name it will not send you any where. I'll let you know when its up and running.

Another reason why I want to do it is because I have all this wokrout history for each member and it isn't being utilised, hopefully this will change all that.

Fingers crossed it works out they way I imagine.

Thursday, August 9

Things are heating up

A beautiful days weather - a little windy but hey, that's Melbourne. Sid in first up with Coach Neim. A very quiet morning for the first time in a long time, giving us hard working trainers a little respite.

Bob first up in the evening followed close behind by Sarah. Bob, like the rest of the elite athletes, did the daily WOD of deadlifts, pull ups and burpees for 30-21-15-9 rep rounds instead of the usual 21-15-9. Of course, Bob is fit enough to handle it although today's session gave him a bit of a heart pumping workout. Bob is competing in the Victorian Penit Finals this weekend. Kick butt Bob!

Sarah did the new WOD of:

wall ball 50
box jumps 40
heavy squats 30
Sit ups 100
heavy squats 30
box jumps 40
wall ball 50

Of course Sarah handled it with ease and almost n o whinging. Go Sarah. Your working hard and the rewards are coming - not just in the gym but in everyday life as well. Keep it up.

Robert in to strut his stuff. Braggin about his latest purchase of a new car, i decided to take my envy out on him by also letting him do the elite level WOD as Bob did of 30-21-15-9 rounds. Again it got the heart rate up to near maximum levels, which is always the aim, and it tested his fitness. And, as always, he stayed strong to the end. In the old days Robert that would have burnt you out, instead you handled it gracefully. You really have come along way.

To finish, Erin again, making up for some time off. We did the second WOD with the legs emphasis and 80 sit ups. Again Erin swollowed it up despite a little muscle soreness. Excellent effort Erin, your consistency is what will get you your results. That is the SECRET.

Wednesday, August 8

He's back

Above: great overhead squat technique - arms locked out and behind head, lower back nice and straight, bum out & knees behind toes, heels on floor and hips drop below knees in bottom position

Looks like things run just fine wothout - I could get used to having all this time off!!!

Coach Tommy started the day off and had a few session (Mel W, Liz & Frank, Belinda & Mel, and Jen i think) and Im sure they were devastating workouts. From the feedback he hasn't relented once - good work Coach Tommy, take no prisoners.

I kicked off the day with Kim on her third session in. We did the WOD at a moderate pace(well it was meant to be, but Kim just kept on going!) The WOD of squats, step ups, one arm db lunges, and 200m row was performed. Kim managed a strong 3.5 rounds in the twenty minutes allocated. She also worked up a high heart rate and a few beads of sweat. Excellent work Kim.

It was great to see Margaret and Josephine again and both looking trim. Because it had been a while since I had seen them, I gave them a tough...very tough session of deadlifts, pull ups and burpees. And Josephine had a big weight for the deadlifts - 40kg, while Margaret did 17.5kg one arm db deadlifts. Great techniqu throughout Margaret, you have come along way since first starting here several months ago. If you had the opportunity - you would woop your old self's bum, literally. And Josephine- it was a tough weight you had to lift, but you did it, as you always do. Thank you for working out so hard. It makes my job so much more pleasant. I look forward to Frank's return also.

Seb in alone, and in the best shape of his life. I increased the previous WOD to a mammoth 30-21-15-9 reps of deadlifts, pull ups and burpees. A really monstrous amount of work, and pushed Seb hard - of course he managed, but that is why he looks so good. Excellent session Seb. I thoroughly enjoyed it and your deadlift technique has come along wonderfully. Keep it up. Summer is around the corner.

Erin and Kelly back in for a smashing...literaly. It was a tough session with burpees, deadlifts and pull ups. Both kept up with each other(the benefit of two on one training) and they finished strong. Two very motivated and tough individuals - I look forward to some extremely tough sessions together. Good to have you both back girls.

Monday, August 6

Thank You

Thank You All for your well wishes. It was a grand day and a very different experience giving birth to my second daughter. For starters, my emotions were under check instead of overflowing like for my first daughter, hence, I was able to truly be in the moment and enjoy the beauty, reality and extraordinary act of creation called giving birth. We all do it on different levels in our daily lives - a new goal, a new career, a new body - and in this case, a new life. She came out in under 2 hours, thankfully, and she (Mila, after her grandmother) was taking her first breath. It took mine away. A very fulfilling time in my life and again I'd like to thank you all for your support throught the past two years since I entered the business of great health.

GarageGYM is moving in leaps and bounds thanks to your dedication, faith and pure, hard work. And that is what it is all about. You are dedicated to a cause, becoming better human beings, both physically and mentally, for the two go hand in hand. you have faith in the organic and challenging methods applied at GarageGYm which I believe so passionately in and know, from experience as well as common sense, make for the best form of exercise in the world (just challenge someone to a push up competition and Im sure you will all win hands down); and finally, the pure, hard work bit which I always preach about and more to the point, what you all know feels like, not just in exercise, but in creating a happy, stable and fulfilling life. For there is no success without pain and effort, unfortunately and fortunately. Unfortunately because it makes life so damn hard; fortunately because when you do finally get there, it taste so sweet.

To my existing members, you all put in a tremendous effort to turn up week in, week out, and I know exactly what you go through each session, as I too am human, and I applaud you, and even more so for putting up with all us bossy trainers - its for your own good though (and our pleasure!). To the new members, you are about to embark on a life changing journey. The sort of fitness we preach here is what the elite athletes of the world do to prepare themselves for competition (or battle, if you prefer) and it will also prepare you for a life well lived. Make no mistake, it is tough, it is painful, and you always feel like turning back. But, as with giving birth to your own beautiful little creation amongst the other 6 billion creations out there at the moment, you will be overjoyed, ecstatic, and elated at the birth of the better, more alive you that comes with this sacrifice.

Keep up the great work, keep turning up, and I look forward to many more heartaches and successes. Life is GREAT! Especially when we are all in it together.

Coach Michael (aka daddy)

Congrats coach michael, its a girl!

great news guys, michael is now the proud father of another baby girl. all the best michael (i mean dad)

Linda was first up bright and early with a full leg workout for breakfast! Great way to start the day i reckon.

Liz and Frank (dynamic duo) were early (for once) which was a shock to coach tommy (cheers guys much appreciated). to say thanks tommy made them work a little harder(haha)

M/J (margaret and josephine) started off there leg routine with a 10min run around north essendon. wat a lovely town it is when u stop to smell the roses

Jackie came in flying solo and that means only one thing to coach tommy. MORE INTENSITY, which means one thing , TONED BODY

BOBBY! YOU BLOODY RIPPER. this man is fit, i mean really fit. never backs down from a challenge and loves the burn you get from hard training. keep it up champ

Saturday, August 4

Ending a big week

A final days workouts after a long weeks worth of work. Kim and daughter Gianna in for their second and first sessions, respectively. Still feeling the soreness from last session, Kim soldiered on and performed brilliantly at all that was thrown at here. Gianna took to the workout strongly and blitzed the rower with a 2:29.9 500m time. Maybe a little too much too soon as she was pretty muched wiped out after that - or probably just the lack of breaky - not enough to stop her though, back next week for more. Great going girls, see you next week.

Jen finished the morning off. Always willing and able, Jen took to the rower for a 1000m, 750m, 500m, combined with step ups with dumbbells from 6 - 9kg from 1- 3minutes and push ups and dips. A solid workout and great performance. Jen, you are an inspiration and are in terrific health. Thanks for the present and see you next week.

Friday, August 3

Cold but we managed

Anne was terrific in todays WOD. In fact, everyone who has completed this same WOD two months ago has shown a super improvement, going up in weights by 50 - 100% and completing it with greater technique and better fitness. Anne was no exception. From 6kg to 9kg is a big leap Anne, great work. Also, your body is looking amazing, your year long consistency has paid of well.

Another big warm welcome again, for another new memebr ready for the GarageGYM challenge is Linda. Ready to fine tune her already trim figure, she is ready to increase her current exercise regime and hit peak performance. As always, a light introduction to soften the muscles and get her ready for some action.

Mel W in for her forth session, and already impressing everyone. I let her do the daily WOD for the first time and she handled it no problem, and with big weights to boot. 9kg was no problem for Mel as she tackled and won andother days workout. See you next week Mel.

Sid in, and despite a sore wrist from her never say die attitude, she carried on and also did a great efort with the daily WOD with a slight variation. Sid reached a great load of 8kg and didn't let anything slow her down. She finished the session off with 8 rounds of 20 secodn intervals of excellent skipping which Sid and I do now and again and her fitness has improved dramatically. And I always say it to you, your looking tight and terrific, keep it up.

Gulnaz and Matty finished off the day and it was a big legs session for G:
40kg Squats 15
Step Ups 60 sec each leg
20kg Lunges 20 steps
Row 200m
For 4 rounds.

It was a big session and you did great G. Really improved and your fitness is showing a dramatic increase also. I look forward to harder session and greater results. Matty proved he can handle himself with the adults as he tackled a devastating opponenet. He did well and never backed down. I look forward to a rematch between the two.

Thursday, August 2

Still No Baby -but only four days to go now - definitely

For all of us who are waiting anxiously for the arrival of my second child, this coming Monday is the day I will be a father again. Tommy will take the days sessions so there is no excuse not to work out.

I missed yesterdays post - I was running all around town and working here so it was a full day and the time to write just slipped away, not to worry, lets make up for it now...

Forth session in and Mel W is breezing through the workouts. Intensity is increasing and the results are already coming. Combined with her healthy eating habits and steadfast resolve at the Garage, Mel W is and will, continue to do extremely well. Keep it up, its only going to get better. Just ask everyone else(now is the time you all insert a comment on how much you love this place!!!)

Jackie is back after a week of battling the flew. Ready for a tough one as always, we did a very intense session which will surely make her sore. She battled it with joy as her mascot Freddy kept up the motivation. Its great to have you back Jackie. I look forward to extraordinary results, you have the potential and attitude.

Sid in, wonderful Sid. Determined and a never say never determination, Sid competently completed her WOD in superb fashion. Sid, you're looking great. Your efforts are being rewarded and your consistency - and coach - are the reason why. Keep coming back!

Liz and Frank in after a big Monday for Liz's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ) A great session was lined up for them and great results is what we got. Frank - your strong. Liz - your fitness is fantastic, you can probably outlast anyone here at the Garage. The dynamic duo is a force to be reckoned with. Both of you are great role models and your determination and results aren't going un-noticed. Well done.

Again we need another very warm welcome to our newest recruit - Kim G. Welcome to the wonderful world of hard work and real results - GarageGYM. Of course it was Kim's first time in so we did a nice and light session, which, as always, still left her sore. I look forward to a successful training regime.

Afternooon was very hectic for coach Michael so a few times were re-arranged. Of course, Seb and Mary alwyas find the time to turn up and push the limits. A very large workout for both, Mary doing several exercises for multiple reps for three minutes with no rest in between. A fantastic performance Mary. Seb took first place though with his magnificent workload, heavy weights and burst of energy at the end getting his heart rate to 95% max for the last five minutes. Unbelievable. Enormous effort Seb Well done.

Ginette started off today. Again a phenomenal performance and ready for a well deserved break. Ginette has been training non-stop for several weeks three times a week and her body is showing the results, and also the fatigue. Its good, when training at such intensities, to have a feww extra days off in between just to let the body recover totally. Most times this gets rid of niggling aches and gets you better results the next bout of weeks of training you do. Ginette. Monstrous effort with four rounds of the WOD. See you in a week.

Belinda and Aldo ready and waiting. Forth session in so the intensity was up a notch. We let them get away with three rounds of the WOD, but it was still a great three rounds. Both improving already. Technique was spot on. I look forward to more and more hard work.

Gulnaz in - she forgot her runners at home - who cares - no one to tell us off here. She started the last three sessions off with the dumbbell bear. G did twelve rounds of a medium to heavy 6kg which will work her out and let her tiny injury heal. Go G. See you tomorrow.

Bob in, battler Bob. And battle he did. Both Bob and Robert did this WOD two months ago and both have shown a 200% increase in fitness, strength, and power. Bob did a max. of 12.5kg last time and he hit a new record of 17.5 kg. And he did extra rounds. And he did it with much more grace. Go Bob. Well done on your 500m row ending. 1:47.7 on a light row. Ha!

Robert to finish the night off. Again massive increase, from an old 10kg dumbbell lift to a new 15kg dumbbell lift, and again, with ease compared to last time. It is absolutely fantastic to repeat a workout now and again and see these vast improvements. You both are dedicated and are reaping the rewards. See you both next week and Ill let you know when bubs is born. Keep coming back Robert, I really enjoy or Thursday evening chats as well.

Thank you all for your support and well wishes. The time is near for another little soul to appear in this beautiful world. With people like yoursleves it is surely a world that I want to bring my daughter up in. I truly am blessed to have one healthy child and another on the way, a beautiful wife and such dedicated, funny, nice, caring and honest clients. Lets pray for a safe delivery and another beautiful, intelligent child.