Friday, April 11

Bring in the Champions

Super athlete and professional sprinter, Coach Tommy Neim, is on board at the Garage while coach Michael takes a short hiates to perform in the local play (Dead), directed and written by Luke Robson. If you are at all interested in an entertaining and dark story, then head down to screen actors on Epsom Rd Ascot Vale. Ill post the dates closer to the day. Although the first show is on Friday 25th April.

Coach Neim has been in the fitness world and a professional athlete for over five years and is known for his 'never say never' attitude when it comes to obtaining your fitness dreams.

Congratulations to the members who turn up every week and are reaping the benefits; Mel W, Bob M, Sarah M, Robert G, Anna C, Jennie O, Anne T, Luke R, Craig C, Jess S, Seb T, Erin, Andre, and Aza.

Keep belting out those repetitions and the sweat pouring.

Saturday, March 8


Fastest time for 150 wall ball shots

Max sit-ups in 2 minutes

Static squat hold for max time

Max bench press lift for one repetition only

Max deadlift weight with "proper" technique

Three contenders so far; Mel W, Luke, Anna

Mel achieved an always fabulous score of 3:14 for wall ball, 82 sit ups, 3:01 squat hold, 50kg bench press, 60kg deadlift. Whoa are absolutely outstanding. Huge improvements. Humungous...

Luke also smashed his old Pb's: 4:50 wall ball, 40 it ups, 55 second squat hold, 70kg bench press, 65kg deadlift. Everything has improved, some by 30-40%, Go Lukey.

Anna: 5:00 wall ball, 54 sit ups, 1:06 squat hld, 30kg bench press for over 5 reps, 40 kg deadlifts for 7 reps. Anna, awesome results. I really enjoy training you.

See you all Tuesday. Shut Monday of course.

Sunday, February 24

Jess is surpassing the mob

Jess S has been determined to better her time on the rower since joining the Garage, and with the three session a week, 100% effort she puts in she is reaping the benefits. From a 2 minute time, she has come down bit by bit and is now the second fastest rower at the Garage and fastest female on a time of 1:45.8. Your great Jess.

Bob is back in the zone and pushing hard once again. His body is now strong and durable thanks to his consistent twice a week routine (plus all the other stuff he does while not at the gym)

The new recruits (too many to name) are finding their feet now and delivering the results. Lower row times, heavier weights and better bodies. It is encouraging to everyone to see people improve and this bunch is doing a lot of improving.

The gym is getting busy so it is important t get your routine and set times as this will help you stay motivated and guarantee you a time you want.

I look forward to next week and keep up the great work loads.

Tuesday, February 19

Welcome Back and Go Tommy

Been off line for a while due to internet hiccups...yes, even the computer gets sick!

But never never that far away...and we have all been training like crazy no matter what.

The consistent troopers are still coming in: Bob, Robert, Jess, Mel, Luke, Anne, Anna, Seb,

And we welcome back some old friends: Jen, Erin, Casey, Ruth, Paul

And the hang a onerers are still hanging on: lets keep them anonymous...

All in all we are having some mean sessions which are really building up a sweat and pushing members to their limits. Never say never is the attitude we employ and im always fascinated to see how far everyone can go...yes, you are all my science projects...ha!

And a big salaute to Mr Tommy Neim, a garagegym coach who has just come back on board with some new members, and just as important, the hard work he has been putting in for the Stawell Gift this year on Easter is about to prove very rewarding...he is going to your bets!

See you all this arvo and i look forward to some more devastating and terrorising workouts.

Thursday, January 31

Smack that Bum

A wonderful session to make your bums sore for a week.

As many lunges as possible carrying either a 15kg/30kg/40kg bar on your back.

All of you got over 100 steps which is tremendous, although the amount was less important as the fact you reached total muscle failure...until your legs buckled from under you!

Straight after you did the same with dumbbell flyes for the chest increasing in weight until you couldn't lift anymore.

Luke and Seb did the best with 17.5kg dumbbells in each hand...nice.

We have had some awesomely tough sessions lately - you have done yourselves proud.

Welcome to new members Luke and Rob N and Amy - all three of you have shown you have what it takes to become a garagegym members.

Saturday, January 12

one legged squats

A simple yet effective WOD for the day:

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:

Leg raises 5
One legged squats 10 each
pull ups 15
dips 20

Jess, Erin, Mel, and Jackie all enjoyed this nice littel workout today. Jess and Ering got 11 rounds, Jackie 10 and mel about 15 with a slight variation to the WOD which made it a little easier.

Enjoy the weekend everyone and ill see you all back for an even busier next week as the new year kicks back into full gear.

Tuesday, January 8

Run, row and feel sick!!!

Tough WOD today - short, sweet and simple.

Three rounds of:

Run or Row 400m
Squats 20
Push Press 15
Sumo squat with high pull 10

Jess and Anna first victims. Tough, sweaty and courageous is how i would describe their performance. Great going girls.

Next was Erin, a little sore from yesterday but still keen as mustard. Excellent workout Erin.

Jackie and New recruit Sommer in to complete the night. Sommer is fresh out from having a beautiful baby boy so we will make it mild for the time being...but not for too long!


Notice how in this great squat exaple above, the kness stay in line with the feet, not turning in, not turning out, they stay on track.

A day geared toward individual preference, everyone was dished out a different WOD...I don't know why, just felt right!

Anna 's first day back so we did a well balance workout of Tabata intervals of pull ups, push ups, sit ups and squats. Good work on coming back after such a fantastic get away in the USA.

was a little low on enrgy so we did a strength session which yields great results but for some reason tends to be easier than the more high paced workouts. A mammoth legs session with Jess Lunging with 25kg dumbbells in each hand. Ouch.

And Erin in following suit also reaching the 25 kg dumbbell lung.

Mel had a big upper body and core session doing heavy reps with the shoulder press(30kg - a record for the girls) combined with straight leg raises.

Bob finished the night off with Bicep curls and press working his way up to 22.5 kg in each hand for one rep. Just short of 25kg but still a monumental wieght to lift.

These were Monday's results. Look out for today's still to come.

Saturday, January 5


Daily Wod:

120 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups

Mel's times:


Looking hot (pink) Mel. See everyone next week

Friday, January 4

Mixed Bag

A combination of potent Workouts today as everyone begins to return from their exciting New Years adventures...

Anne's WOD:

Get ups 10 reps
Push Ups 10 reps

Row 1500m

Anne has been slaving away at work all over the holiday period and it was a feat in itself just turning up. Enjoy your mini holiday Anne.

Mel's WOD:

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:
Dips 20
Thrusters 15
Push Ups 10
Pull Ups 5

We decided to use today as a warm up workout for the rest of the year. Mel achieved 9 rounds using 7kg for the thrusters. It was a fun 20 minutes of work. Great to have you back Mel.

Robert & Colette's WOD:

A varied workout today for the two hard workers:
Tabata Row and Push Ups for 8 rounds each followed by one lap of the gym doing one arm db lunges and then 10 squats and then another lap and then 10 pull ups for ten rouns all up. Ouch! Finish this off with 100 wall balls. ANd as if this wasn't enough, we tried a new invention of mine - the Kebab...I'll leave it up to your imagination to guess what it is. You'll all be trying it!

Jess returned and followed Mel's lead. A little flat from the festivities but a great effort none the less of 12 rounds in the 20 minutes allocated.

I look forward to a busier week next week.

Thursday, January 3

Get Ups & Push Ups

Suggested reading from a member: "Did You Know"Click Here

Bob was ready for a serving of today's WOD:

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:
10kg Get Ups 10 reps
Push Ups 10 reps

An intense and sweaty session, Bob managed a marvellous six rounds with great form (arm as stiff as a plank facing the sky - always - and eyes on the dumbbell). Excellent work Bob.

A few more members in tomorrow to sweat it out!