Sunday, February 24

Jess is surpassing the mob

Jess S has been determined to better her time on the rower since joining the Garage, and with the three session a week, 100% effort she puts in she is reaping the benefits. From a 2 minute time, she has come down bit by bit and is now the second fastest rower at the Garage and fastest female on a time of 1:45.8. Your great Jess.

Bob is back in the zone and pushing hard once again. His body is now strong and durable thanks to his consistent twice a week routine (plus all the other stuff he does while not at the gym)

The new recruits (too many to name) are finding their feet now and delivering the results. Lower row times, heavier weights and better bodies. It is encouraging to everyone to see people improve and this bunch is doing a lot of improving.

The gym is getting busy so it is important t get your routine and set times as this will help you stay motivated and guarantee you a time you want.

I look forward to next week and keep up the great work loads.

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Anonymous said...

Yes and it's great when you do book in your times and your coach doesn't turn up. I love having my time wasted week after week