Tuesday, February 19

Welcome Back and Go Tommy

Been off line for a while due to internet hiccups...yes, even the computer gets sick!

But never fear...im never that far away...and we have all been training like crazy no matter what.

The consistent troopers are still coming in: Bob, Robert, Jess, Mel, Luke, Anne, Anna, Seb,

And we welcome back some old friends: Jen, Erin, Casey, Ruth, Paul

And the hang a onerers are still hanging on: lets keep them anonymous...

All in all we are having some mean sessions which are really building up a sweat and pushing members to their limits. Never say never is the attitude we employ and im always fascinated to see how far everyone can go...yes, you are all my science projects...ha!

And a big salaute to Mr Tommy Neim, a garagegym coach who has just come back on board with some new members, and just as important, the hard work he has been putting in for the Stawell Gift this year on Easter is about to prove very rewarding...he is going to win...place your bets!

See you all this arvo and i look forward to some more devastating and terrorising workouts.


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