Thursday, June 28

Slammin' Sessions

Our next GarageGYM exercise - boxes are being made

Tricia all fired up after a few big weeks at work. We did a heart pumping leg workout which entailed a total of 2500m of rowing with wall ball, lunges, step ups and sumo squats. You did a fantastic job Tricia, with an extended workout time of 38 minutes.

ready for some more pain, even though she was already sore. We also did the Tricia workout with some large rowing distances and fearful leg workouts. Great Sid - see you tomorrow for some Boxing.

always full of suprises - she did the dreaded squat, push press and leg lift workout of yesterday. 40kg squats with great technique, extra heavy push press of 10kg to equal Ginette, and perfect leg lifts. It was a great session and it got even better when Christie did perfect ring technique with her "skin the cats"

Jess finished off the morning in a beat up sort of way, but he was determined to keep training. We work around his injuries with 10 rounds of barbell struggles and jumping pull ups. We finished the workout with bicep curls which is unusual for garagegym. Keep going Jess.

in first for the evening - Bob the champion!!! He tried out a new workout with one arm dumbbell snatches - barbell struggles - rope pull ups - extended planks(one of the hardest core exercises around) - oblique twists - keg lifts. As always Bob blitzed the workout - you're really fired up!

Robert in and anxious to get going after a week hiatis. Same workout as Bob - same intensity - same result - strong muscles, improved power and cardio efficiency, better health and lots of fun! Keep going Robert, you're consistency will lead to your success.

in alone. We did the same workout as the guys - a little less weight but similar intensity. Josephine, you've been a true garagegym member from the beginning - always turning up and never complaining. Well done. And great work on the pads after the session. We'll do a bit more of them next time.

Wednesday, June 27

Plenty of rain to drink during training...

This is our aim when doing leg lifts - practice and patients and motivation makes perfect

...A good solid days work today.

Sid began the day with a 500m row (she's done better) and then five rounds of pull ups, her heaviest pull ups, and some awesome squats with 40kg of weight. Sid finished with tababta skipping and did 8 rounds much better than her previous attempt at this exercise. I look forward to tomorrows session to see how sore you are.
Ginette followed with another smash hot performance. We started with tabata skipping to get Ginette's body ready for the tough 40kg squats for 12 reps and 5 sets. Ginette also hit a PB with 10kg push press for 8 reps. Super. It was a fantastic session and both you girls are looking fantastic.

Dynamic duo smashed down the door ready for some action. Frank wanted blood (Bob's blood) but I didn't let him row 500m - he'll have to wait a week (let Bob enjoy the top for a little while) and instead they both also completed some great squating (Frank on 60kg and Liz on 40kg) and heavy push press (Frank on 15kg and Liz on 9kg) and some straight leg lifts which they both did to perfect form. We finished with 50 sit ups and 50 'burning' back extensions.

Seb and Mary started off the night and together we plowed through some new exercises. Too many to name but they were as tough as they were unique. I look forward to dishing them out on everyone. Mary got through the routine twice in 26 minutes and Seb got through it three times in 32 minutes. Despite the cold their bodies were running at peak temperature as they did some tough routines. Congratulations to both of you, it was a solid performance. And a special note to Seb who has mastered the double unders.

New recruit Melissa finished the night. She has great genetics to begin with and will only get better and better. She will join us for one session a week in the beginning but may take up another couple - as most of you do once you get a taste. We ran through the basics and did some wall ball, jumping pull ups, tabata sit ups, skipping, thrusters and push press. It is a pleasure to have you join us Mel and we all look forward to your progress and added competition.

Monday, June 25

Wot a WOD!

Ginette entered the Garage with goosebumps all over, it was so so cold. Coach Tommy knew the perfect solution, row a personal best time and SWEAT IT OUT! Row hard she did and took 5 secs off her 1000m time. Well done Ginette.

Liz and Frank went head to head in the legendary 2 min sit up test. Frank went in as favorite but Liz came through with the goods winning 70 to 63.

M/J arrived on time and were pumpd up big time. Margaret wanted to row row row the boat so off she went for 500m No pb but showed good form. Josephine had a bug in her belly but that didn't stop her doing 4x 50 squats (she loved each and every rep!).

Coral or should i say coral balboa went for 10 rounds with Tommy and almost knocked herself out with her wild punching. I must say that i wouldn't like to meet her in a dark alley way (she hits real hard)

Bob the strong builder is now the king of the mountain. 1.46.2 new pb of garage. enough said!

sez otherwise known as sarah missed a pb by 0.8 secs (due to the fact that she didn't eat lunch).
but sarah dug deep into her energy reserves to finish off the WOD.

Friday, June 22

Friday Morning Greats

Anne in and fitter than ever. She performed the squat, push up and turkish get up workout from the past two days WOD board and she blitzed through it. Not even a huff or a puff and didn't require a rest at all. We finished off with tabate skipping which made her puff(just slightly though) Super Anne. You progress has just reached a new peak. Keep it up. See you Monday for another tough one.
Christie was in and also ready for a challenge. She finished the Squat, push up, TGU WOD the quickest out of everyone which allowed her to do much more at the end of the session. After a blistering result in the WOD and the biggest load for females of 6kg for the TGU we then hit the deadlift(30kg) and pull up double for three rounds of 10 reps. But this still wasn't enough, so we did a tough core workout, which still wasn't enough. So we skipped for 8 rounds of 20 seconds and despite being a good workout, Christie showed great strength and fitness and another one who has showed great progress.

Sid in next and looking to get out some aggression. Still sore from her previous two days of wokrouts, she hit the boxing mits and smashed the life out of them,. Jabs, hooks and uppercuts - great combos for 5 rounds of approx. 2-3 minute each round. She finished off her body with 55 dumbbell thrusters with 5kg dumbbells. Enjoy the time off Sid. Your results are also really showing now after just 8 weeks.

Ginette to finish the morning session. A ferocious workout was given to her, requiring extreme skill, concentration, strength and agility. It is known as the "three bars of death" and now Ginette knows why.

Clean 20kg
Bench press 30kg
Deadlifts 40kg

We did each exercise for 10 reps and then each for 9 and so on. It is extremely demanding and Ginette was up for the challenge, she even enjoyed it !!! Your changes are coming Ginette and your body is looking better every session. Let's try not plateau and keep doing tougher and tougher sessions.

A beautiful Friday morning sessions. Thank you all.

Look out for Coach Tommy's Post tonight as he finishes off the evening members.

Monster Workouts

post for THURSDAY 21st JUNE 2007

Here is a fellow fitness sites notion of fitness competency. There are four levels. How do you rate? Click Here

A fabulous couple of days at GarageGYM with tremendously intense workouts and just as intense performance of them.

Sid kicked of the ice cold morning very sore, but after the warm up and some acrobatics she had forgotten how sore she was! We did farmers walk with multiple crate step ups with a heavy load of 12.5kg. Go Sid. She also did tabata intervals of sit ups, blasting her stomach and finishing the session nicely. A bit lighter than usual but we made up for it the day after.

New client Connie was in and had a browse of her new surroundings. Not really dressed for a workout we agreed to start fresh on Monday. Look out for new recruit Connie's posts.

Bob in and looking for a tough workout after Monday's medium intensity one. And tough it was.
He did the full upperbody WOD of pull ups, dips and turkish get ups followed by some heavy Push presses of 30kg. Bob finished the wokrout in a good time of under 20 minutes. Well done Bob. I'll see you next week to beat Frank's rowing time.

Super days workouts.

NOTE: for anyone wishing to comment and is having trouble. When you click on the comment tab, you will have three options to choose who you are. Always click the anonymous box and simply write your name at the end of you comments box if you do wish to be known. Lets hear those remarks. Good or Bad!

Wednesday, June 20

Its cold outside but HOT at the GARAGE

Today's WOD:

Squats 50
Push Ups 20
Squats 50
TGU's 20
Squats 50
Push Ups 20
Squats 50

Finish off with various other exercises!

Sid arrived nice and early, right in the heart of the early morning chill and rain. Not the nicest weather to workout in but as she saw, the warm up was enough to get the body at the right working temp. She did a perfect lot of squats, her technique has improved tremendously, mixed in with some bench press instead of push ups. Her TGU's were a big improvement - a lot more stable than previous workouts. You're looking great Sid, lets see how you cope with just three workouts a week(which is still more than most members). Tommy may be doing Tuesday's now so you will be able to fit another day in!

Ginette, strong, lean and ready for action - we hit the workout straight away. She breezed through the workout and used a big weight of 5kg for the Turkish get ups. We finished with deadlift and pull up sets and a final exercises of tabata intervals on skipping. The same finish Sid had. Ginette is now doing three days per week so she might experience rapid results and a better looking body - WATCH OUT!

Dynamic Duo were in with their heads up high after some record breaking times last session. They also performed the daily WOD and both used a heavier load by 1 kg each than previously in their TGU's. They both smashed the squats and push ups. Together they did deadlifts - Frank on 50kg and Liz on 30kg mixed in with pull ups. And they also had a heart starting 8 rounds of skipping at then end. Try and continue fitting the three sessions in guys, other wise all those records you have might fall!?!

Seb/ Mary arrived nice and early and got to say hello to little Ava who isn't so little any more. Seb did the upperbody variation of this workout which is :

push ups 50
dips 20
push ups 50
TGU's 20
push ups 50
dips 20
push ups 50

He got a great pumped and managed the first few sets of push ups fine which is extraordinary. Seb dropped a piece of information tonight whcih is: "if you can currently do 30 push ups then you are very unlikely to put on any weight in the next decade" - hows that for an incentive to train GarageGYM style. We do 30 push ups on just our warm up!!!

Mary did the squat version of the WOD despite hurting her ankle today. She is determined to kick butt at her tennis grand final next week and wants to keep training hard for it. Excellent determination Mary and fantastic session, especially your TGU's.

Gulnaz finished the night off extremely well. Also doing the WOD, she got through the workout and substituted burpess for turkish get ups (i don't know why - burpees are much harder) and did thirty of them instead. She did it all and then finished off with her deadlifts and FULL pull ups. Keep it up G!

Tuesday, June 19

Mean Machine Frank P

Frank P only tonight. He is young, fresh and ready for a challenge any time.

Record setting mode tonight he began with 8 skin the cats in just 30 seconds - 1 up form his personal best.

Then he hit the rower and blasted 7 seconds off his old time landing him on 2:07 seconds.

8 perfect pull ups followed then several attempts at handstands, finally getting it and ready for phase two --- handstand push ups!

We then had another attempt at his 2 minute sit up record which is 125 reps - tonight he got 100, which is still better than every other members.

Super session Frank.

Sorry for making you wait in the cold. I'm working on the digital recordings now. I'll try and get them uploaded before the night ends.

Monday, June 18

tommy= monday!

Monday = Tommy!

What a day at the Garage.

Michael set the challenge with a very well thought up WOD.

Anne and Ginette were up first and they delivered with style. No challenge is big enogh for these fit women.

Liz and Franky G got held up in the city but that didn't stop them rushing to get to training and battling it out between themselves. Like always niether gave an inch!

Tommy had TWO lunches during the day to fuel up for the remaining clients that lay ahead.

M/J showed up and went hard from start to finish. They even went for a run around the block to warm up. Awesome stuff!

Jess loved the bench Press as any gym junkie would. Wat a ledgend

Coral was out in record time due to the fact that she didn't take a break at all. well done coral

Bob breezed through the session and wanted more so tommy did what he had to do and smashed his legs with 4 sets of lumber jacks. ouch!

Catch Up

Here is a short demo video of a correct and an incorrect squat technique: Click Here

It's been very busy here at GarageGYM - records being broken, new recruits being signed up, much soreness, even more results...

Coach Neim has been going strong, coaching people on to even greater success. The Dynamic Duo hit new records on their rowing times. Frank set a new GarageGYM 500m rowing record of 1:46.8 which will force Bob to train harder to reach him. Liz set a new personal best for her 1000m row - 4:39, over 20 second improvement on her old time.

Anne has been going strong and consistent for fifteen months now and it really shows. Great improvements in strength, cardiovascular endurance, power, and speed, also agility, balance and coordination. Anne, you really have adapted well to the training stimulus. It has been a pleasure to watch you battle away at the WOD's and almost always come out victorious. Keep it up.

Tricia has been away for a while, busy at work and only fitting in one session a week. Tricia is also a consistent athlete who refuses to give up and loves a challenge.

Gulnaz is only getting better. Great to see you keeping up training consistency, it is what will get you what you want and so much more.

Jen, you have been a great recruit at GarageGYM. It has been great training you and I've thoroughly enjoyed your company. I look forward to future sessions but I realise you have greater commitments at the moment and need some time off. It has been a fun sixteen months. Make sure you remember everything GarageGYM has taught you - "train hard...train very hard!"

Welcome to new recruit Sharlene. A new member ready for battle. Sharlene comes to us with already a good background in training so her results should come quickly. Get ready for some fun and dynamic workouts Sharlene - just ask everyone else!

Christie and Jess are back and in action. Always impressive in their workouts they continue to train hard and consistently. Well done.

Look foward to more sessions with Coach Neim as he continues to blend into the GarageGYM way of life and training.

A few more changes are expected at GarageGYM as we like to keep it interesting. Any feedback is welcome and together we look foward to greater health and a more abundant life - only achieved through hard work.

Wednesday, June 13

The life of GarageGYM

Mary recorded her first 500m rowing time. A beginning time of 2:56 is exceptional for her first attempt. And this result was after an intense session of 50reps of step ups/wall ball/bench press/push press/lunges and pull ups. Well done Mary. See you next week.

Seb was in - bigger and better than last time. He flew through his workout of 50 reps of bench jumps/bench press 50kg/wall ball/pull ups/lunges with 15kg dumbbells/ push press 9kg/back extensions/ and dips with knee raises. You truly are an athlete Seb. He finished the session with a big improvement on his rowing technique for the 500m and a few flips on the olympic rings. Go Seb!
Jen was in and demolished the four hundred rep exercises: pull up on rings/standing push ups/sit ups/squats. Jen, your improvements are extraordinary. And your results even better. Keep coming in and showing the other members how to do it...
Josephine who has been one of the most consistent members was in again today. She did the 50 rep round of exercises including the full bench jump which used to be impossible and is now a walk in the park. Josephine, keep it up, you are strong, full of energy and your results keep on coming. Well done. Good luck on the GAT.

Dynamic Duo were in after Liz's lay off for a week. Together they blitzed the 100rep exercises. Liz demonstrated flawless technique, while Frank recorded a record time of 20 minutes to complete all four and Liz was close behind on 24:00 minutes. Good to have the team back and I look forward to Friday. Note: Coach Neim will be in after 12pm this Friday - make sure you all show off your improvements)
Sid was in and struggled today - We all have our off days and today was one of hers. Great effort on still coming in and performing the workout Sid. See you on Friday, refreshed and ready for war.

Gulnaz was in last night with Matty and together they completed the 100rep workout. Gulnaz did a fantastic set of full pull ups with a jump for assistance on the positive phase. All up she did an extraordinary workout and showed vast increases in strength and stamina. Keep up the great work Gulnaz. Matty displayed his skills not just in the gym but also outside of it with a fantastic master mix of heart starting songs which are sure to get everyone into action. Thanks Matty.
Frank and Josephine were in before them and together they set records for the sit up challenge they missed out on last week. Frank recorded a super set of 125reps in 2minutes and Josephine set a girls record of 75. Well done. What was just as impressive was there gymnastic skills. Together they did several rounds of summersaults. Josephine getting a great score of 3 reps in 30 seconds and on his last attempt Frank got 7. Well Done! It was an enjoyable session.
Jess was back and his leg was still playing up - it didnt stop him though. Tabata intervals for several upper body exercises. You are extremely strong Jess and it is a pleasure to watch you chew the weights up.

Sid was in this day as well and was ready for a tough session and that she had and completed. Sid, you really pushed hard today. It was great to watch, your determination will get you everything you want.

Ginette, your always strong and ready for a great workout. We did tabata intervals and she chewed them up. You really showed big improvements and your body is looking great to boot. I look forward to our three days a week session from next week onwards instead of two.
You'll only get better.

Anne, I had fun with you on Tuesday morning. Sorry for arriving a little late and great for sticking around. Super workout and especially the deadlifts. Your technique is superb. Keep working as hard as you do - it truly is a sign of a healthy mind (and body)

Well done to everyone and a special note to Frank B who last Friday had a crack at his PB and just missed it. He is still the champion by .02 and Bob is hot on his tail. I look fowrard to the future of this competition.

Don't worry about the cold you have come down with John P. You have plenty of time to work out and get into the best shape of your life.

Thursday, June 7

Progress is the name of the Game

The great results just keep on coming...if you all get any fitter you'll be able to replace me!?!

Tricia was in, ready fro some action, Tabata intervals was her medicine today. Rowing / squats / dips / core work. Tricia breezed through it, perfect intensity, super session.

Tim was in for his second session. Got him trialling his 500m record: 2:16 after a 7 week lay off. Next he did the sit up challenge - 53 - again not bad for a long lay off. Good to have you back Tim. It will only get harder!

Sid came next, always better than the session before. Despite her soreness, she mustered up the strength to get her through a session she did 27 days ago. It was also the Tabata intervals - squats/sit ups/push press/rowing. Sid astounded me so much with her increases in such a short time. In comparison she improved over 25% in all the exercises, some even 100% improvements. Super work Sid. And you've been here so little. Imagine 3 more months!!!

Jess was in, still carrrying a slight injury, so again we focused on upperbody. Jess has by far the greatest Bench Press out of everyone at GarageGYM. He was doing 6 reps of 80kg easily. I hate to think how much he could have lifted if i pushed him. Amazing Jess. But be careful of your arms - any bigger and they'll explode.

Gulnaz was in with 10 year old Matty. Together they did pull ups, push ups, straight leg raises and back extensions. Matty is a smart, confident, motivated boy who obviously takes after his mum.


After giving Bob a whole new rowing technique to learn, he had a go at the standing 500m record here at GarageGYM. Currently it stands at 1:48.8 seconds and is held by Frank B.

Bob, who wasn't as puffed as he thought he would be , scored a very, very close finish of 1:49 seconds. 0:00.2 seconds off Frank. (I think Bob eased up at the end too Frank!?!)

Well done Bob. Unless Frank improves - you'll have him for breakfast next time.
Bob finished the session with 10kg and 12.5kg dumbbell bears. He then went off to play a game of tennis.

Robert was back after his record breaking performance. He picked up the Dumbbell bear technique fairly quickly and we got stuck straight into it with 10kg dumbbells. He then picked up the pace and finished with 12.5kg weights. A very strong performance indeed. The high end of the athletes here at GarageGYM is extremely close. Only a few seconds and few kilograms separates you all. (And if you are not sure of who I am talking about - check the results board on the tab on the right) Robert finished the session with 60 sit ups in 2 minutes.

Super day, you make me very proud. All your bodies are developing accordingly. If you all keep up the great work, I'll release a GarageGYM calender with all your body shots on. I reckon it'll be a smash hit!

Latest Achievements

Seeing as there has been so many sessions over the past few days, here is a list of all the achievements that have been performed:

Josephine is officially the first female at GarageGYM to perform a full summersault on the olympic rings. Josephine has been coming to GarageGYM religiously, twice a week, for more than ten weeks now. Great effort Josephine.

Gulnaz, after trying for three weeks and getting better everytime, has performed not on, but two full pull ups on her own. Gulnaz is the first girl too perform a full pull up on her own. Better than some men!

Not only did Frank B perform the Dumbbell Bear exercises flawlessly, he achieved the heaviest weight of 15kg dumbbells in each hand for a round. Super courage Frank.

Bob is one of our foundation members toughing it out for over a year now. Bob was already active when he came to us and he has only gotten better. Bob is up for any challenge (this includes the challenge of whopping Frank B's rowing record) and would rather physically fail than mentally give in. Your progress, rippling muscles and persistent are a joy to watch Bob.

Jen came in, fresh, ready and motivated and got straight into the rower and achieved a massive 7.5 second improvement on her old 500m rowing sprint. She achieved a time of 2:30sec. Go Jen!

Sid, who has only been with us a short while, is improving every week. Despite a few days off due to the many bugs going around this time of year, she still showed signs of strength and fitness increases. Especially on her bench press. Where once Sid would struggle with 10kg of weight, she now manages just fine with 15kg of weight - in only a few weeks of training. Great work Sid. Your body is also showing the signs of your effort.

Seb was in and always in fine form. Seb's major improvement is his body itself. From when Seb first arrived here several months ago till now, Seb has gone from above average to elite in such a short amount of time. Handstand push ups, olympic ring flips, multiple pull ups to just name a few of his success, it amazes and please me to see him look better and better everytime he comes in. Congratulations Seb.

Tricia, a true disciple of the GarageGYM philosophy, has been a member for more than 15 months now, and she has attended religiously twice a week for that amount of time. Her latest achievements are a PB on the rower of 2:14 sec and balancing on the swissball for more than 2 minutes on her knees. Excellent tenacity Tricia.

There are many, many, many more stories of success to mention but I'll reserve them for next post. Congratulations to all of you and keep up the hard work and attendence. It is these two ingredients that will set you apart from everyone else.

A special welcome to the return of Tim B and John P. One away on holiday, the other away on business. Welcome back to GarageGYM and I'm sure your progress will come quickly.

And finally, congratulations to Coach Tommy for doing a great job in fitting into the coaching role at GarageGYM. Tommy is a professional sprinter with many titles to his name. His most recent one, the Bendigo 400m Black Opal race is the richest 400m race in Australia and Tommy won it. He also just missed out on selection for the Stawell Gift last year which has only made him more determined for victory this year - true GarageGYM grit.

Thank you all.

Monday, June 4

Coach Michael's

I had three clients only today - early morning and late afternoon. Sorry to Tricia for this morning - I'll see you on Thursday.

Anne was in - a little under the weather as everyone is this time of year, but still raring to train. We did multiple circuits of some tough exercises which Anne handled well for three rounds - it included a 5kg Wall Ball which she had never attempted before - you did it with ease Anne. After the three rounds we backed it off as we didn't want to push her while she isn't 100% - great effort for coming in Anne.

Gulnaz came in after a few days off - so we hit a heavy 30kg bench press for multiple sets and then hit the chin up bar. Gulnaz is about seven days away from her first full chin up - I just can't wait.

And Bob was in the late arvo - always happy to be here(who knows why after the saught of workouts I put him through!) We did Tabata intervals for three different exercises: bench press - oblique twists - push press. Tough session. But Bob managed just fine. Bob also told me to pass on a challenge to Frank B... Next time Bob has a clean slate and just comes in for the 500m row...he'll beat your record! What do you think Frank?!?

Another fun day with tommy at the GaRaGe

An article for the day: What happens to your body if you drink coke right now?

Ginette was outstanding once again with her flashing bursts of speed and power. Look out for her at the Garage as she will be showing off a new pair of running shoes!

Jen rocked up in her sports car and was ready to rumble. She was glad to see me and not Michael as her trainer (only kidding). Jen learnt a new way to smash her abs on the rings. Ask Tommy how this can be executed during ring training! And yes Jen, we have your jacket here.

Sid made an appearance today! We made the most of this special occasion and trained hard from start to finish.

The dynamic duo had a stressful morning but all their worries vanished (and were replaced by new ones such as hand stand push ups). Frank gave it a good crack and pulled them off nicely. Liz was on fire as always

Jess came in with an injury so we focused on the upper muscles and his six pack. We pumped him up then sent him home with blood pumping through his massive arms!

Coach Tommy's last client for the day was the one and only Coral. We got along like a house on fire and put in a session that did the job perfectly.

Thanks to everyone, I loved the day of sessions and I look foward to many more days training at GarageGYM. "I thought only athletes trained this hard, but i now know - GarageGYM does it just as hard!"

Posted By Coach Tommy

Sunday, June 3

Friday's Post

Anne started off the day nice and fresh after her week off. She performed the 1000m Row with a time of 5:25 - her best so far, 50 thrusters with a heavier than usual load of 5kg, and 30kg deadlifts. She then did two more rounds of half of the work load from the previous round. Anne had done this workout two months ago, yet she used a lighter weight back then. Despite having a heavier load this time, she not only beat her old workout time of 26:26 with a time of 24:24. she got a rowing PB as well. Well done Anne.

Sid was in at 9am as usual, her third session in a row. We did the WOD from Monday of this week as Sid was unable to join us: jump squat 21
one arm db press 18
jump pull up 15
As many times in 20 minutes

Sid achieved 5 rounds in 20 minutes. After which she did two more exercises for three rounds:
Sumo Squat with a 10kg dumbbell followed by 15 back extensions.

Overall it was a mean session which Sid devoured with pleasure. See you Monday Sid.

Liz and Frank (Dynamic Duo) were in for their third session this week and boy did we have fun. Starting with Tabatta squats for 8 rounds, they keep up a great pace for all 8 rounds. Next came the alligator walk, a unique exercise with great results - works the whole body in a different plane to usual. They did this for a minute until they had had enough of looking silly!?! Next came the ball slam - it went okay. Turkish get up for 2 minutes, Frank had 8kg and Liz had 5 kg. Next was an overhead Lunge - a very challenging exercise especially with weights they both used. Then came the olymipc rings, where Frank performed "skin the cats" and Liz did her variations of the theme. They skipped, did tabatta intervals of push ups, and if all this wasn't enough, we did knee and arm sprints at a 100% pace for 10 seconds with a short rest in between. It was a varied, challenging and intense workout, but fun none the less.

Margaret and Josephine finished the day off and i got them to start with rowing. 500m. Margaret equaled her best time of 2:35 and then Josephine achieved a personal best of 2:05 - another personal best for the week at GarageGYM. Straight after we got into some thrusters, sit ups and ring work. But it was the great rowing times that really took it out of them. Congratulations on the new 500m time Josephine. Lets aim to be the second woman to break 2 minutes.

See you all Monday and enjoy Coach Tommy's workouts.