Thursday, December 27

Merry Christmas

Thank you all for the wonderful times this year. It has been a very productive one in every sense of the word and we have had some tremendous results both inside and outside of the gym

It has been a pleasure training you all and i want to thank the dedicated few who have hung around through all the pain. WIth out you there would be no garage gym. It is your perserverance and hard work which makes this such a unique and great gym to train out of.

Have a great start to 2008, and lets make it better than the last one.

Sunday, December 9

Jingle Bells - our workouts feel like hell

Its been an extreme few weeks with multiple clients feeling the pain of intense workouts.

Robert G had a massive attack of the 'burn' when he achieved what no one else has achieved before at the garge. A 1:40 500m rowing time and an untouchable 3:40 1000m rowing time. Despite the pain, Robert soldiered on and now is the undisputed knig of the hill.

Jess was another victim of the 'burn' as she to reached the pinnacle of the girls rowing times with a 1:50 and 3: 50 rowing times for the 500m and 1000m respectively. These tow members are one of the hardest working and they have the results to prove it.

Mel W is another fine specimen of how to bust your guts and feel like shit for it. Mel punishes herself (with the help of coach michael) and gets better and better every single session. A fereocious competitior and never happy with second best, Mel proves she is the best she can be...and sometimes even that isnt good enough for her.

Seb is addicted. A five day a week (or six, im not sure) gym addict, he has glistening muscles and a ripped torso, he also has overtraining symptoms of sore limbs, tendons and rotator cuffs - but you think thats going to stop him!?! Like i said he is a ddicted and is always looking for that next hit of the 'burn'. Im al for obsession Seb - you've picked the right one.

Bob is addicted also, but Bob is controlled. He is the type of man who uses disciplne to not only push himself in the gym, but to keep coming back, despite whatever he is facing. Second only to Robert in the rowing times, he leads the way in strength and is one of, if not the, strongest member at the garage. I just love bustin' his hump!

Erin is a soldier who always gives 100% and is always looking for more. She completes every workout flawlessly and in her on subtle way, ends up winning a lot fo the daily WOD results. Super fitness, growing strength and a perfect attitude contribute to her stealthy attitude and resluts.

Yvonne works hard. ANd when she finds the time she is a pleasure o train. Already a very fit contender, improvement is coming session by session. Keep coming back Yvonne. You have the potential to be the greatest - not that you already aren't!

Anna just doesn't stop. She is the most frequent trainer at the garage and is getting better. Despite the obstacle facing her, she continues to arrive, put in a tough effort and come back for more the following day. I take my hat off to you Anaa.

Anne, facing severe injury and the opportunity to discontinue her training regime, instead gets qualified opinions, finds out what is wrong and finds a way to keep on training. Now if any one deserves a medal for bravery it is Anne T. Nice one Anne.

Wednesday, November 14

The Garage is firing on all thirty cylinders

Back to business. That is the agenda for this week. And you all have
already set up some good results. Erin smashed her 1000m row time by
12seconds to get an equal best time with Jess of 4:04. Well, Jess came
in and couldn't have this, so she busted a gasket getting the third
ever sub four minute time at the garage, 3:58. Wow! Earlier on in the
week we had a devastating workout of 1000m row - 200 skips - 750 row -
400 skips - 500m row - 600 skips. It tried and challenged everyone,
but, Erin stood outabove the rest with Bec in close behind in second. Not many others finished the wod. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Mel was in today, looking recovered from her big cup week. A tough WOD of sumo deadlifts
- 10 reps and proper dips - 10 reps. Good going Mel, you worked up a
healthy sweat, had a great session and you keep coming back - what more
could you want(and if you do want more your just being greedy)!

A couple of new clients, Albert and Vena. I look forward to making them as sick as i make the rest of you.

did well on Monday nights session, and he will be away this Thursday so
he gets a little respite, not that he would want or need any.

The Brady Bunch of girls (Jess, Jackie, Ruth, Erin, Anna, Bec,
Casey) are in full swing and working out hard and challenging each
other. All are very consistent and their bodies are shaping up just

I look forward to some tough session this evening.

Friday, November 9

I'm Impressed

Despite the celebrations going on almost everyday in Melbourne, members at garagegym have been sweating it out and doing some extraordinary things. You are all improving in leaps and bounds and it is great to see the determination and committment from all of you.

Sid is getting stronger and her attitude is in exactly the right place. After a few months she has finally cracked her 500 and 1000m rowing times. From 2:40 to 2:35 and from 4:54 to 4:32. About time Sid. Also, an increase in weight in various other exercises means Sid is ready for the big leagues. What does this mean? SId will soon be training three times a week and then her progress will really accelerate.

Bob, what more needs to be said? His name alone stands for grit and determination and his buldging arms, rippling six pack and massive chest are the proof. Always, always on time and ready for almost anything, Bob is an extraordinary athlete, enjoying the painful workouts and glamorous results that accompany them. Summer is yours for the taking Bob.

Robert, reliable, consistent and also very determined, Robert is sincere in his training and never gives up. The right attitude is what makes Robert a winner as he pushes himself to the limit every single session. Not only keeping up with the best of them but setting the bar for everyone, Robert is a record holder at garagegym for a reason. Exceptional work Robert, the sessions are adding up and so is your fitness.

Mel W stands alone. She came to the Garage about six months ago on a mission and she is seeing it through, not letting anything get in her way. Another sucker for the pain, Mel is exceptionally strong, coordinated and gutsy and will try anything at least once. Pushing herself is her strength and where other people drop off, Mel gets to work, her positive approach and great sense of humour always make it a pleasure to train her.

Yvonne got roped into the workouts via Mel and there compatibility as friends extends into the gym. Another talented performer, Yvonne came to us as an athlete, and she works out like one. A champion netballer, her fantastic technique, high strength and all round fitness make her a contender for best athlete at the Garage. Already with a 2 minute flat 500m rowing time after only a couple of months, and high weight to rep ratio, Yvonne is already shining and her results will also.

Jess, strong, very, amazingly fit...and her attitude...ive never seen anything like it. She loves to work out hard, and she always wants more. It is a challenge to challenge someone like Jess- who else does extra exercises on her designated rest between exercises. Your looking great, your body is taking shape, and in a month or two you will beat the boys rowing times if they don't improve and you'll be doing full chin ups.

Ruth is one unique human being. A false start in the beginning of her career at garagegym, she came back the second time with a vengence. She put in 100%, attended at least three sessions a week, and with the help of some heart pumping tunes, she has come out on top with a body a lot of people can only wish to obtain. And Im not the only one who thinks so. Stunning results all round, it will be a sad day at the garage when Ruth takes off on her summer adventure. Its been a blast Ruth. Take what you have learned with here and keep up the intensity.

Jackie, fortunately blessed with wonderful genetics, still gives it her all when it comes time to work out. A success inside and outside the gym, Jackie tackles everything she does with tenacity, focues and a very pleasant demeanour. Always postive, she encourages all who work out with her and enjoys a challenge herself also. Be proud of who you are Jackie and keep coming back, I always enjoy your suprise visits.

Anna, what can I say about Anna, if only she channeled her aggression into her workouts her results would be multiplied. No stranger to fitness, Anna's fitness journey has allowed her to clock up hundreds of hours working out all around Melbourne. Of course, nothing compares to the intensity she faces at garagegym which means finally she has found the place where her goals will come true. Keep turning up, stay focused and the world will be your oyster Anna.

Erin really has what it takes to go all the way as a garagegym athlete. not only does she devour almost all the WODs given to her, she usually arrives at the gym after doing a 20km bike ride. Working hard is her motto and always finding the time to train, Erin is a strong a d fast athlete with the rowing times to prove - 1:55 for the 500m - the fourth fastest time at the garage. And only after four months. Show them all how to do it Erin!

Anne, courageous, hard working, intelligent and sincere are a few words to describe Anne behaviour inside and out of the gym. A foundation member of the Garage, Anne is a true example of what the right attitude will do for you. Overcoming several injuries along her exercise journey, Anne has continued to put in despite all that was thrown at her, continuing to the very end of each workout, never giving up, and always leaving with a smile. Anne is no stranger to hard work and it is inspiring to see her 7am sharp every monday and friday without fail.

A very new member, Casey has already proven her steel and will be one of the most improved athletes at the garage. Taking to the exercises with confidence, her previous exercise habits will soon return and she will be on par with the rest of the garagegym veterans. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership Casey.

Seb is the most dedicated person I have ever meet. Alway doing that little bit more inside and outside the gym, he is by far the most weel rounded and fittest gargegym athlete. His rippling muscles and shredded body are the result of consistent, intense and intelligent workouts and he will always, for the rest of his life be committed to keeping a healthy and active lifestyle, and herein lyes the!

And no wonder he is so dedicated when he gets his DNA from fellow athlete Mary. Not letting anything hold her down, Mary is sincere in her attitude to the workouts and gives it her utmost, enabling her to do any workout dished out at garagegym. A competitive tennis player, hard working mother and ferocious garagegym athlete, Mary is a pleasure to know and train.

Jen. who deals with whatever Fate deals her with strength, attitude and cheerfulness, uses these same attributes to deal with the fateful workouts at the garage. A combatitive athlete, Jen enjoys pain, even if it comes from an injury which isn't always ideal to push through, but if anyone can do it, Jen can. A pleasure to train and know, Jen carries the garagegym banner with pride and is the also the longest serving member at garagegym. Exceptional Jen.

Thank you all. And if i forgot anyone it is because you didn't train this week. Just one of the perks of keeping it up is also getting good feedback. See you all for some more success and the odd failure, and keep up the inspiring stories. the only way is up!

Todays WOD:

Db Swing
Push press
Push Up
Box Jump


Monday, November 5

Quiet Monday

Daily WOD

3 Rounds of:

Squats 50
Pull Ups 21
Dips 21
Power Clean 10

Most of you are still hung over or on vacation so it is a quiet day at the studio Not to worry though, the ones who do attend are up for a fun, intense workout.

New format

Im going to change the way I write posts:

Firstly, at the start of every post I will write the Workout Of the Day (WOD)

This way, everyone can see it and do it even if they are on holiday.

Secondly, Ill continue to write progress reports on clients as I have been.

And thirdly, as I have done in the past, Ill add articles of interest to keep us all well informed and motivated.


Friday, October 26

A Smashing End To The Week

What a week of intense effort, sweat and some tears!

Mel W did a punishing upperbody session and finished with the fastest 200 Sit Up time of 5 minutes 30 seconds. Excellent work Mel, your looking trim and terrific.

Jess as always pushing her body to the limit, got the second fastest 200 sit up time of 5:47. Well done Jess. Your pull ups are getting closer and closer to full ones. In two weeks you will be doing at least one full one. Quite an accomplishment this will be.

Ruthy, super Ruthy whose body is transforming as quick as the weather here in Melbourne. Consistent, hard working and passionate about getting results, Ruth is improving in leaps and bounds and nothing can get in her way...not even a trip to noosa for a week. Enjoy your time there and Ill be sending you your workouts while your away.

Erin, who in four months has gotten her row time down from 2:30 to 1:55 (the second fastest female time at GarageGym) is excelling in everything. Knee raises, pull ups and excellent bench press strength, Erin is a force not to be messed with.

Jackie is back in town, ultra lean Jackie who fortunately has super DNA to begin with, still pushes herself to the extreme and in a few weeks will be back up there on the leaders board.

Anna, who turns up on time every time is a trooper and together with the coach, achieves exceptional results. A hard worker both outside and in the gym, Anna is on her way to extraordinary - keep it up Anna, I look forward to a tough week next week.

Jen, never fail Jen, is back on board and putting in a tremendous amount of energy into her workouts. A solid performer at the Garage, Jen is always a pleasure to train. See you tomorrow Jen for even more punishment.

Robert is always keen for his weekly dose of Garage Fever. Not only his he the leader in rowing sprints, he displays great strength, tenacity and humour as he battles his way through the WODs dished out to him. Superb work Robert, see you next week.

Bob is still going strong, after more than eighteen months at the Garage, he has transformed humself into a true soldier of the Garage. never fearing anything thrown at him (at least he doesn't show it) and putting in every repetition, Bob is a true pleasure to train, and watch train as he finds his optimum output each and every session.

Sarah is not far behind. Another hanger on, Sarah has remained at the Garage for a long time, and always enjoys pushing herself. This would explain her promotions in career as well. Keep coming back Sarah, there is no limit to your success at GarageGym.

Anne always in top form mentally, keeps coming back for more despite the odd niggling injury. A star performer, Anne is another long time serving member of GarageGym and her toned, trim and strong body is evidence.

Sid feeling the effects of her first session back still came in for more. A 2000 metre row to get rid of any soreness and 200 ferocious sit ups saw her leave happy. . .and more sore. Good to have you back Sid.

All of you troopers are a pleasure to train and I look forward to next week.

Thursday, October 25

Welcome Back to the old members!

Mel in the morning. We were allowed to tackle her
legs as well today so I gave her a full body smashing. Wall ball for
maximum repetitions followed by chin ups for maximum repetitions.
Unfortunately for Mel, she is so strong and fit that her max reps is a
lot so a lot of work had to be done.Im very proud of todays results Mel, you did exceptionally well. And top job on the 60 second knee raise and achieving a score of 36

Sid back from a long, long spell. She drags herself in all bandaged up. This is what happens when you have a month off from garagegym
- you get frail and soft. Let this be a warning to all of you. Although
Sid did just fine as her muscle memory recalled all her previous hard
work. Welcome back Sid

Jen in and determined. I have never seen
her so focused in a session before - lucky she was though, we did: 100
pull ups, 150 push ups, 200 sit ups. Go Jen. A really hard workout
completed gracefully.

Evening began with Anna and Jess. Jess the
soldier as always, and Anna, with a little pushing, kept up and did
well. Great going girls, your all getting fitter and stronger by the

Seb and Mary in. Different workouts for the genders. Mary had multiple rows followed by db swings, thrusters and sumo deadlifts(our daily WOD) and Seb had a special surprise. First up, burpees
for max. time (he achieved 2:39) and then bench press(60kg) and chin
ups for maximum reps for five rounds. Avery worthy result was had, so I
rewarded him again. This time with 200 sit ups - it took Seb 9 minutes. Well done to both of you, still at it and going stronger than ever.

And Erin and Ruth finished
the night off. These two girls are really on a mission and it shows
every time they workout - Intense with 100% effort. Jackie rocked up a
few minutes later and joined in. Great to have you back, Jackie.

Wednesday, October 24

Tuesday's Trauma

Hardcore training day, a little different to our usual routines. Burpees for as long as possible with a maximum time of 5 minutes. The only performer to reach the 5 minute mark is Jess. But do not feel down if you do not get to even 2 minutes. This is probably the hardest exercise on earth. Also, chin ups for 60 seconds without letting go of the rings. The fact that you do not let go still works the muscle so you are literally under tension for a minute which is a long and difficult time. We then finished the WOD with various other exercises, ie. push ups, sit ups, knee raises. A great evenings session.

I was watching Oprah today and Dr Oz was on talking about the mini studies they do with various foods.

Test 1: fresh vegetables and fruit - 5kg of it daily for one week. This studied measured the cholesterol levels of the participants and after just ten days their levels had dropped 25%. This is more then any prescribed pill has ever achieved.

Test 2: Tomato paste eaten four times daily for a week while the body was exposed to infra red rays. And then a normal diet for a week and the same amount of infra-red radiation (sun). The tomato paste (which is just condensed tomatos, and the same can be gotten from tomatos) reduced skin damage by 20%.

Test 3: Twins, both drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day to preserve skin. For a week, one drank as much as possible while the other drank none. Both stayed on the same diet. After a week, there was no difference in either of their skins substance. The water did nothing for their skin. Water has lots of other benefits but it seems skin health is not one of them. Why was there no difference? Because of the amount of water in the foods we eat - watermelon 95% water; potatoes 75% water; hard cheese 50% water. Interesting!

Friday, October 19

Everyone's Number One

After Jess' blistering rowing time last night, everyone was in and challenging themselves to do better and they all did. Anne really powered from the word go and despite not getting a new PB her rowing average got down to 2:06 per 500m which is over 20 seconds below her old average. After hitting the brick wall at 370m, her next attempt will be even better and Iknow she is just a few weeks away from smashing her previous time of 2:27 down to a sub 2:20 time. Her chin ups are getting much stronger as well.

Mel W skippedthe rower dueto some leg fatigue but she still powered through a great upper body workout. Again, chin ups getting stronger and stronger as she can keep her self up for longer, and her push press technique is superb. I look forward to the fullbody workouts Mel. Oh yes, and great job and beating your old sit up challenge by 5 sit ups extra. Great!

Ruth in next complaining of no energy as it was the last day of the week, but with a little coaxing from the coach, she blew her old time out of the water and went from 2:12 seconds down to 2:07 seconds. Excellent. She did the wall ball challenge and sit up challenge as well for a tough twenty five minute workout.

Anna also not feeling up to a fast row time but her body was. From an old PB of 2:25 to a new one of 2:07. That's almost a 20 second improvement. See Anna, you can do it and you are strong and you are fit. Keep going.

Finally, Jen cappedoff the morning with an easy but very, very enjoyable session. Excellent Jen. Keep ongoing also. "Chin Up"

Thursday, October 18

Watch out comes Jess

Jess, one of our star athletes, along with the rest of you, performed a miracle feat on the rower with a blistering 500m time of. . .wait for it. . . 1 minute 50 seconds. Wow. And she even did a full workout after it.

Gulnaz in and slowly getting back into after a lay off. not a spring chicken, but a chick none the less, she can still do three full pull ups. Extraordinary.

Bob, great session, finished the WOD in super time, but instead of letting him walk out the door, we did more and more. Technique is getting better and strength is always there.

Robert, consistent Robert, despite a full days work and saying he was lacking in energy, he completed the WOD without a hitch. Proving why he is on top of the leaders board.

Hard days work deserves a good nights sleep.

I look forward to tomorrows sessions, see you all then.

Note: See the picture above of the wall ball exercise - now that is how you do it. Full way down into a squat...ouch!

And as for all your efforts in the eating department. I made a delicious pumpkin soup today, simple, tasty and healthy. Here it is:

olive oil heated on medium heat and put the diced onion in and cook for five minutes until it is soft. Quickly add one teaspoon of cummin, quarter of a teaspoon of cinammon, and a teaspoon of coriander or parsley finely chopped. Stir this for one minute to let the aroma out. Now add the diced pumpkin (about 2cm blocks) and cover them in the onion stew. Add the vegetable stock (I just boiled some corn together with carrot and asparagus - you can use any veges - and I added the water to the pumpkin - about 4 cups worth). Let it boil on medium low heat for half hour and then mash it all together. Add about 1/2 cup of cream, salt and pepper and eat, eat, eat. Eat the corn while you are waiting for the soup to be ready.

yesterdays feedback

Frank and Josephine P - Anna and Jess - Yvonne - Sebastian - Erin and Ruth; these are the names of the soldiers who so valiantly braved GarageGym last night. We had a combination of battles, the original WOD from yesterday which included deadlifts and thrusters in the same combination, and tabata intervals interrupted with chin ups.

All up it was a great night of victories, especially as all of the soldiers are experienced, well trained, and just as important, well lead by General (Coach) Michael.

Thank you all for the spectaculr display of strength, power, finesse and stamina. You make me proud to be your teacher.

Note: Seb brought in his daily food diary to get feedback on his progress. It was flawless. Seb is in great shape and it is due to his continuous effort in not just training but also things like the food diary, so he can monitor and adjust his diet if need be, to attain the results he desires. It is the small things like this that add up to the big things in life. "God is in the details"

See you all soon

Wednesday, October 17

Back By Popular Demand

After many request, inquisitions and orders about our daily Blog entries, I have decided to re-start the dribble from Coach Michael's mouth.

Starting with Mel W, who limped into training today. Waiting patiently as always for Coach Michael to arrive, we got stuck into her upperbody only. Tabata intervals of push ups, dips, push press, and bench press with 10 pull ups thrown in between. Mel blasted through the workout and destroyed her arms - good luck finding a new pair Mel!

A Special Note goes out to Jen whose mother passed yesterday. Although I did not know her personally, I know her daughter who is a spectacular human being who is nothing but giving and loving, and a human cannot be as great as Jen without a super mother. We are thinking of you all day Jen. Love from the GarageGym Family.

And that is all for this morning so far.

I'll keep writing as I see fit. I may miss the odd day. But oh well. Shit happens.

Wednesday, October 3

Follow Up

Following on from the last post on nutrition:

Here is a typical daily meal plan which will guarantee you to lose fat fast in the most healthiest way possible and not allow you to lose muscle either (its always a fine line between the two).


fresh, plain yughurt (flavoured yoghurt adds sugar) with some fruit (passionfruit, banana, strawberries, and or apple) with either a quality protein rich muesli (found only at health food shops) or oats, wheatgerm, licethin and flax seeds (all bought separately for a couple of dollars each and you combine them as you need them.


two eggs fried with olive oil only. 1 strip of bacon and some wholemeal, wholegrain bread - 1 slice.


two eggs as an omelette with some veges in it (broccoli or capsicum or some other invention) served on one slice of the above bread and sprinkle it with some fetta or cottage cheese - not too much though.

These meals are full of everything you need to start the day and will keep you full for a longer time and keep your metabolism up.

Mid morning snack:

a little fruit and a handful of nuts (cashews, almonds etc)


a black coffee (no milk will really make a difference - and no sugar either) and some nuts


grilled chicken breast or fish or a quality piece of meat with a small serving of steamed veges (do not over do the veges to retain their nutrient content)

Maybe a sandwich but only wholemeal or rye bread and no flavour such as butter, or mayo. Add cold meat like chicken and have it with avacado, tomato, cucumber. Top with a vegetable juice of carrot, celerey, orange and aplle with a dash of ginger and lemon.

Mid afternoon snack:

If you didnt eat all of your lunch or if you made extra, have the rest now - either the other half of the sandwich or a few mouthfuls of the grilled meat and steamed veges you made earlier.

Black coffee is ok


Less carbs is good so stay away from pasta in the evening. When I am serious about losing fat I do not have pasta ever as much as I enjoy it. A wholemeal rice is fine but only a cup full. Again have grilled fish or chicken breast or meat - as little fat on all of them as possible.

If you have a salad have tuna with it.


Again, have a few mouthfuls of the left over dinner - it is always good to cook extra and eat it as a snack as both lunch and dinner are well balanced meals, do not contain to much of any one thing, and will fill you up.

Eating like this all day will keep your nutrient levels up, which will stop all your cravings. It will also keep your energy levels constant which will stop cravings as well and keep you burning fat.

Yes, I know, black coffee isn't as nice as with milk but if you add up all the calories you aren't ingesting by doing these little alterations you will be having over 300-500 calories less each day and considering one kilogram of fat on your body is 1,700 calories, you will be sheding 1 kilogram of fat every four days. AMAZING. SIMPLE. Yet requires some planning and effort. But it is well worth it.

I'll add new and delicious meal ideas as I discover them.

Enjoy the fat melting away.

Sunday, September 30

A bit of trivia

Here are some snippets of information which relates to all of us which may help in your weight loss goals.

Jogging for one hour will burn approximately 150 calories.

1 kilogram of fat is actually 1,700 calories of stored ENERGY

The average male requires approximately 3,200 calories per day to MAINTAIN his weight

The average female requires approximately 2,900 calories

Going by the above statistics, if you ate just 100 calories below your daily requirement you would lose 1 kilogram in exactly 17 days. Have a deficit of 200 calories per day and it will take you just 8 days to lose 1 kilogram.

If you were to jog a kilogram off your body it would take you about 12 hours of non-stop jogging. But, don't forget, jogging for that long will also cause muscle to be lost, the essential tissue which requires 50 calories per day per kilogram. So you would have to jog a few more hours, but you'd also lose more muscle, and the viscious cycle continues.

The real and only possible way to lose fat is to know what you are putting down your neck!

Here is a sample of what you are putting down there:

1 bottle of beer = 135 calories
1 glass of spirits = 220+ calories
1 gram of protein = 4 calories
1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories
1 gram of fat = 9 calories

We eat to comply with our daily energy expenditure (from 2,900 - 3,200 calories per day) and to also give our bodies the essential building blocks and nutrients to keep on living healthily.

We need carbohydrates for energy for our brains and our body to operate optimally. Our bodies only stor about 700 grams of carbohydrates(when you weigh over 60kg - that isn'tmuch at all) So we are required by nature to constantly eat carbohydrates to keep functioning. We cannot burn fat without the energy to burn it up with!

We need protein as all muscle, tissue, brain and other body parts are made of it. Eat it or lose it!

We need fat for brain function, organ function, and as a form of energy as well. If you do not have fat in your diet (real fat-meats, nuts, dairy) you will also not function properly and this will againlead to bad health and an inability to process and lose excess fat.

Now, if wee need 3,000 calories per day, and we need all three food groups-fats, carbs and protein. What is the ratio? A standard one everyone talks about is 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. A healthy and typical meal of grilled meat or fish and a side of veges or salad would equal this ratio.

What portion side is correct. The theory says nothing bigger than the palm of your hand. The theory works. Eat more than that every meal and you are guaranteed to eat well over the 3,000 calorie threshold.

Sorry to get so technical but it is really quit simple.

Eat less than your daily requirement and you will lose weight.

Avoid losing muscle as it will lower your daily requirement and you will have to eat less and less to keep from putting fat back on.

Exercise is not the best form of fat loss, eating correctly is.

Eat a balanced meal every meal.

Eat no more than can fit into your hand. If you eat this way you are able to eat every two to three hours. Every two is better for fat loss and energy levels and to stave of sweet cravings.


Thanks for listening.

Coach Michael

Monday, September 17

blue skys: and judd's coming to the blues!

Michael D has only one week until he goes in for a physical test to get him into a firemans suit. over the last couple of weeks he has been training real hard to improve his all round fitness. Good luck Mic.

bob the builder of muscle blasted his way through an enduring session. its sessions like these that make life worth living!

Welcome Back

We were off line for a few days doing some technical work on the website (being a lazy bastard and having a holiday)

Over the past few weeks a lot of people have had the sniffles or a little
worse. But it looks like its all past now and we can get back on with
our hardcore training.

There were no Monday morning session today so I came in and did a workout (yes, I do workout as well). Coach Tommy is in this evening to give all your bodies a good whoping, just what they need after a relaxing weekend - we can't let all those hard
earned muscles get stagnate and atrophy!

Ive been doing a fair bit of research lately into fitness, as I always almost do, and there is always two common themes that reoccur no matter what form of
training, or sport or athlete is speaking. 1) high intensity,
intelligent hard work, and 2) consistency.

Fotunately for all
of our members, the first one is mandatory as soon as you enter the
studio. And fortunately for our members again, all you have to do is
turn up. Also, just as important but not as recurring , is the need for
feedback - visible, tangible results, and this just doesn't mean
physical transformations. It can include increased loads, better
technique, faster times, and even being victorious at competition. I
find I work best when training for a reason, instead of an abstract as,
"i want to get fit," or "i want to look good." Like a competition or a
certain load, or a time, etc. Think about it, what would motivate you
to do better and give more each session. Is it a local fun run, a
tennis tournament, the first time you can do a certain movement, or
anything else which would motivate you. See what you come up with and
post a comment or bring it up next session. Keep training hard, and Ill
see you all later in the week.

Its good to be back online.

Monday, September 10

Great Work

We've had some great results and workouts the past few days. A big
congratulations is reserved for Robert G who smashed his old 500m
rowing Pb and at the same time, set a new world record atGarageGYM. His time - 1:40.6. Great Result Robert. Enjoy your three weeks off now in the U.S.

fantastic competitor is Jess. Not only did she beat all the girls and
boys on the beep test with a great result of 11.7. Her rowing times are
almost the best for the girls. She is currently on 1:59 and is afterGinette's
1:55. Jess also want to be the first girl to beat 4 minutes for the
1000m Row, event though only two men have broken four minutes. Your
determination will get you far Jess.

has been extraordinarily consistent. Turning up four sessions a week,
taking advantage of the new system. And her results are showing. She's
toning up, tightening up and getting fitter and stronger. She is 3
seconds off a sub 2 minute rowing time and she will break it!

and Alex have also been taking advantage of the new system and have
taken up three sessions a week. One sure way to get fitter is do
exercise more.Together they are a great team, and despite different
aims, they both put in as much intensity as they both can. I hope you
two enjoyed your days off and are ready for another big week of

Linda is doing exceptional. Although only once a week, she has improved out of sight. Straight
leg lifts for multiple rounds, excellent squat technique and a high
beep test score. You put in every session and don't complain once
Linda. Keep it up.

Anne is back in the zone and her body is
ready for more. She did a big session today and with flawless technique
and big loads. All up she is getting better and better and she proved
it with a 2:29 rowing time at the end of the session.

Mel W is
getting stronger and better and stronger and fitter. A great attitude
towards training and on the new system ready for three sessions a week.
With her determination and consistency, there is no limit to what she
can achieve. Her rowing times keep dropping, her loads keep increasing
and her form gets better and better. Its always a pleasure Mel.

in, and looking great. Tough sessions as always. Her form is also
improving and her body is getting stronger and stronger. You all probably
don't notice, but as the sessions progress, I can see the subtle
progressions in performance. And Sid has over the months, gotten stronger and more stable in her technique and her body is stabilising itself much better. This means, less injury and great health and wellbeing. Good work Sid.

D is on a mission and nothing is going to get in his way. He pushes
hard every session and does not give up. What ever you want you can
have Mickey with an attitude like yours. Keep applying yourself and
good luck on your test today.

Overall, everyone keeps excelling.
Everyone is putting in 100% and getting the results they desire. Keep
coming back and I look forward to a big weeks of training.

As to the previous posts of price changes etc. etc. I hope your all not confused because I am!!!

A definite change will be the opening hours which are now advertised on the studio door:

7am - 10pm and 4:30pm - 7:30pm.

session will be performed out side of these times so you'll have to
make yourselves available between these times. Most of you do train
between these times so it will only be the odd one or two who are put

As to the pricing structure. I don't bloody know - it keeps
changing. Some of you are now on the old rate, some are on the 50 a
week rate and some are on the 20 a session rate...what a f@#*$ up!!!

I'll clarify it all during this week. Bare with me. The studio is remaining open, just the change of hours will make it easier on the trainers. Thank you for your patience and support.

Thursday, September 6

Oops - I've done it again

Forgive me for being a pain in the ass, but again I'm going to make some changes to the structure here at The Garage. But first I'll tell you why...

I love fitness, lets get that straight. It's probably no surprise to any of you and that's because its the truth. I study it constantly, try to do it consistently and for the past two years, have been sharing that knowledge with you all.

Of course I also love a lot of other things in life, and despite the pleasure I derive from running a business, it is not what I solely want to do with my life. It was then, but it isn't now. Of course, if I were to just shut the doors, all of you would be left without this fantastic facility, and the equipment would just collect dust. What a waste. Not the best option. And besides, I do like it here, I just don't have the time to run it like I have been. Sure I could hire other trainers, and Ive thought about it a lot, but again, this will take up my time and is not how I want to see the place end up. It started as a nice, communal gym, and it will end up as one. And this is what I have in mind.

The first change will be the opening hours. No longer will I be open all day everyday as I have been, and training one client every few hours. Not a good use of my time. I will therefore open from the times: 7am - 10am and 4pm - 7:30pm.

Secondly, we will still have bookings due to the limited space, but we will be able to book up to two clients per half hour, and sometimes three, but we'll see how that goes. For now it will be two clients per sessions. The bookings will also be left up to you, on our new communal bookings board. Each week you will write up the times you would like to come in, for everyone to see, so you can all work around each other. And the onus is on you to turn up, if you do not, and I notice you are writing up times and not coming in, you'll be booted out of the community garage gym for lack of commitment and wasting other peoples time.

Thirdly, I'm scraping all payment methods, systems, plans, rates etc. From now on, there will be one flat rate and one flat rate only. $20 per session. Every time you come to the community garage, you will pay just $20 for entry. Its pay as you go. That's all there will be. $20 visits. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fourthly, keeping score of all your workouts will be up to you from now on. I'll teach you all how to do it, and if you wish, you can keep track of your workouts. If you don't care. Don't do it. It's your choice.

I'll still write up workouts, watch and teach you technique, motivate and push you that bit further. I'll keep going with the website as it is a great way to pass on knowledge and just have fun. I'll pretty much do what Ive been doing. Keeping the gym going, keeping it clean and tidy, making sure there are fresh towels and water. And offering fitness advice whenever i can.

The only real changes is the $20, and communal booking board, and the time open and closed.

This way, it will ensure the continuation of the studio and allow me to also pursue my other endeavours. If these changes are not to your liking, your more than happy to join a commercial gym, or pay a minimum of $50 per session at a personal training studio. I doesn't phase me. What I do know is that we are the best priced personal training studio, we have the best approach to training around, and we have a lot of fun competing and urging each other on through our results. Not many other studios can boast these three claims.

Questions or Comments - write an email or ring me up.

Wednesday, September 5

beep beep

Mary and Seb tried there luck at the good old beep test and ran till their hearts were content. Mary scored 5.4 and Seb scored 9.6 but stopped when Coach Tommy acidently turned off the computer! Im sure Seb will beat his score next time he gives it a go.

Mel and Alex arrived in yet another new car. this one being a convertable! but trained hard they did and left satisfied.

Tuesday, September 4

Big WOD Day

Big Workout Of the Day today. Erin kicked it off 12 hours since her last session. She is a girl on a mission. First 1000m row she broke her 500m and 1000m record: 2:03 and 4:18 respectively. Go Erin. Great thruster technique and challenging pull up combos. Combined with two more rounds she did extremely well and worked extremely hard.

Kim and Janaya in for it next. They did the beep test first. Kim got a solid score of 5.5 and Janaya burned up the floor to get a great 7.0 score. They then hit the thrusters and pull ups followed by the last two rounds of the WOD. Janaya's squat technique has improved out of sight as Kim always does it right!

Gulnaz back in, another one on a mission. A big workout from her doing the WOD with variations due to her tiny injury. Very strong rowing times for all the three row combined with overhead squats with 10kg and deadlifts with 30kg with great technique. A super session G.

Paul and Belinda in, all fired up and ready for another big week of training. The beep test to begin and both hitting high scores. Paul on 8.0 and Belinda on 8.5. Exceptional, both of you. The rest of the WOD was difficult but Belinda ate it up well. Paul did the best pull ups he has ever done which slowed him down a little. Remember everyone. the aim isn't quantity, its quality - quantity comes after we have perfected form.

Alex and Mel M to finish off the night and they finished it with a BANG! Mel hitting the highest score for the girls with 9.8 - SUPERB, and Alex getting the highest male and overall score of 10.6. A very, very, very good score Alex - this equals a high level of cardio fitness. They then went on to finish the WOD which Mel did easily and Alex took his time with - again he did great pull up form. Mel was so good she did three rounds of knee holds for a long 45 seconds each. Both of you are superb and it is great to see you are both going to take advantage of the "more sessions per week" rule.

Great day - can't wait for tomorrows victims!

A New System for a New Season

The new season is here and with it comes a change in the conditions at garagegym. Just as spring brings in longer days and warming sun rays, the new changes at the garage herald more training days for a lower pay rate.

We want you to train as much as possible and to make it as easy, convenient and affordable as possible. For these reason we have set up a simple system to allow you to train as much as you possibly can for one flat rate.

- from now on there will be a single flat rate for each member of $50

- this one rate will allow each member to train up to four days per week

- you will now be able to train with one other member, so it will be more challenging, fun and inspirational. Your still required to book in each session.

With the new method you will be able to train more for less money, have greater flexibility and of course, get fitter, faster.

Thank you for all your support and I hope you all take full advantage of the new and improved system at The Garage.

Monday, September 3

What the "Beep"!

The weather didn't hold anyone back today.

Anne's first session and couldn't wait. After an adventure on the slopes it was time to get back into it ready for the warmer months. A simple program of 800m rowing followed by 30 reps of heavy bench for three rounds gave Anne a good start back into it. See you Friday Anne.

Michael D was in and kicked off everyone on the beep test. Mick has only been training for four sessions now and already he scored an above average 6.2 for the garagegym beep test. He finished the session off with tabata intervals of push ups, over head squats, knee holds and back extensions. Your getting fitter daily Mick.

Coral in next and my first session back with her after some time. She showed her increase in fitness and strength by doing three rounds of pull ups, step ups, sit ups, knee holds and wall ball for 50 shots. Great to see you again Coral. Go hard all the way until you take off for Vietnam.

Frank and Josephine in to trial the Beep test as well. Josephine hit the wall after 7.1 and Frank made it all the way to 8.2. Together they finished the day off with tabata over head squats and dips, 6 rounds of 30 second knee holds (tough) and 60 heavy wall ball shots. See you both Wednesday. Keep it up. Thanks for the business advice Frank.

Bob and Sarah in together flexing their muscles. Sarah ran a 7.1 to go keep the Gym's average up and Bob blitzed everyone, despite his sore bum from the 400 lunges the other day, and got the top score so far of 10.5... WOW! Always amazing me Bob. Together they did a nice finish off session of pull ups, push ups, sit ups, back extensions and squats for 50 reps each.

Gulnaz was in while Merty raised his IQ. G did a 7.8 on the beep test to get the highest score for the girls so far. She then did 100 10kg db lunges, 15 strict pull ups, and then 100 free lunges. -you'll be sore tomorrow Gulnaz.

Erin finished the night with a 6.8 beep test score. Again an impressive result for a new girl and some one who hates running. Erin has been at it for a little while and has just started doing four sessions a week solidly. With our new pay rate and freedom of training schedule. Everyone can now enjoy multiple sessions a week for less money. Ask about it if you don't already know!

Friday, August 31


Gulnaz back after a two week lay off and straight back into the hard work. She is the second person to have a short break and come back and do a better 500m rowing time - from 2:27 to 2:22. Says a lot about rest and recovery. She also did jump squats, sit ups and back extensions for 25 - 20 - 115 - 10 - 5 reps each. We finished with 8 rounds of tabata skipping.

Paul completed the evening and looking trim and terrific and brown from the sun at the snow - lucky man! We did a monstrous session of Bench press 30 - 25 - 20 - 25 reps combined with 20 10kg Db lunges and 10 bench pull ups. Great improvements from Paul already showing as his fitness and strength increase. Great session Paul and even better chat afterwards.

See you all next week.

Mixed WODs

Anne needed one more day off after her long ski season so she will be back on Monday.

Jackie, Erin and Jess were in for a workout despite both Jackie and Erin being still vary sore from the other days workout. Jess was psyched from her 1:59 rowing time. Together they did 20 push ups, 15 over head squats and 10 burpees for as many times they could in 20 minutes. I was very impressed with both Erin and Jess, Erin scoring 11 rounds and Jess scoring 10. Jackie had to leave early so her score didn't count, although she has been busting her guts all week here at The Garage and just turning up deserves a mention.

Sid was in soon after not wanting to miss any session despite a hectic schedule. Sid has been putting together an event which is to be on this weekend (you may have seen the P.E.G.S fashion show poster up at the Garage) but she doesn't let it stop her train. We began with 100 lunges, followed it with 30 second knee holds, step ups, wall ball, tabata skip for 8 rounds, some more knee holds, and then finished again with 100 lunges. Good work Sid.

Kim G was in and we were hoping Janaya was close behind. Kim did an extraordinary workout with 400 lunges. Ouch. But it didn't even phase her. I tried to finish her off with some pull ups - a hundred of them - but she managed this too. Then Janaya arrived looking amazing, and with the little time she had, she whacked out an impressive 1:08 rowing time which is another 4 second improvement. Good going girls.

Mickey D was in straight after, third session up and still nice and tender, no reason to take it easy on him though. A different WOD for the strong man, 21 jumping squats, 15 push presses (barbell), and 10 pull ups (rings) for as many times in 20 minutes. Mick's score: 6 strong rounds. Excellent work Michael, I look forward to Monday's Beep Test.

Michael P in for his first session after some time off from training. And after he requested I work him hard (big mistake) that we did. I watered down the previous WOD to only 15 jump squats, 9 push presses, and 5 pull ups, and for as many times in 14 minutes. Michael achieved 5 heart pumping, gut wrenching rounds which we then followed with the 2 minute sit up challenge and a 500m row (Time: 2:06.2) which sent him over the edge and his stomach too. After he recovered he swigged down some protein and was ready for the world again. Well done Michael, the first of many, many more to come.

Renovating Bodies Renovating Bathroom

Not only have we been shaping, strengthening and changing our bodies, but at The Garage, our urgently needed bathroom is about 48 hours from being operational. And its about time! Now you don't have to hold it in, you can change before or after work or just check your hair is still in place.

Thursday was a good day all round, good training and some amazing workouts.

Linda in first up nursing a small twinge in her shoulder so we gave it a rest and focused on the legs and stomach instead. It was actually quite and intense workout of heavy steps ups, deadlifts and sumo squats, and the hard part was the 30 second knee hold between every exercise which meant Linda did a total of 5 minutes of knee holds...ouch. Of course she managed just fine and I look forward to raising the stakes next session.

Jackie and Erin in again, and I gave them a big leg session as well. This time we did 100 lunges, yes, 100 lunges. We followed it up with 100 push presses, 100 pull ups, and finished with he 2 minutes sit up challenge. The session obviously worked well as they came in the next day quite sore.

Half way through renovations Bob and Robert appeared for their workouts. I took Bob down to the park where he did the most extraordinary thing I have ever seen. 400 LUNGES without a break, at all! Bob, you amazed me, exciting stuff. The 100 push ups you did straight after pale in significance. Outstanding.

Robert hit the laneway for two sets of 100 lunges, still a lot of lungin', interspersed with 100 pull ups and a NEW MALE RECORD for the 2 minutes sit ups: 71 reps. Well done Robert. I'm going to push you extremely hard over the next two session seeing as you are going away soon. Get ready for it!

Thursday, August 30

Another day - another muscle fibre gained

A great days training today. Aldo had a tough one, three rounds of rowing, pull ups, dips and over head Db lunges. Today got Aldo's heart rate up a bit more than usual, but still he managed well, scoring nice consistent rowing times and doing more reps of the pull ups consecutively. Great going Aldo.

Sid in and we did a variation of the WOD which proved even more challenging. Still the rowing for the three rounds but we combined it with deadlifts, sitting shoulder press and squats. All with heavier than ever attempted before weights which Sid gobbled down. Her rowing times were very fast and even and all up it was a smashing session which we both enjoyed. Exceptional session today Sid. Well done.

Christie in again, second session back after her month long break. I decided not to take it easier on her, but of course she still survived it. Again the same WOD as Sid, but with a little extra weight on the push press. You did extremely well Christie and I look forward to more demanding sessions as we get back into our routine again.

And Jen brought the sun with her again today so we took full advantage of it outdoors. 10 x 60m sprints at 100% to really make Jen sore the next day. Superb form, great speed and the stamina to last the whole ten, Jen did very well indeed, a session I'd like to give other GarageGYM members. Sprinting is one of the best ways to cut away the fat, build strength, and feel great. As always, it comes at a price, it is a very demanding session.

Coach Tommy and Coach Michael shared the afternoon session, with Michael D, Frank P, Josephine, Jackie, Jess, Erin, Mel M and Alex all under the direction of Coach T. Mel W looking absolutely radiant and Mary and Frank P, and Belinda and Paul were under the guidance of Coach M.

Paul did very well and is already getting compliments on his "work in progress" physique, Belinda has switched to once a week, but while she is here, she puts in 100% and has extraordinary fitness. Together they push each other and are a great team.

Mary always does well, and despite Seb's absent, the session still went along strong. A lot of fun was had, and Frank P is always looking for a challenge. Keep up the workload both of you - too much in this case isn't a bad thing.

Mel W had a hard and fast one and again shaved 7 seconds off her rowing time. All up she worked her butt off, and it was a great workout all round. Keep going Mel!

Here is the time Id like to re-cap the exceptional rowing performances that have been achieved in the past few days:

Jess S 1:59 (the second girl ever to break 2 minutes)
Erin 2:02 (a whopping 14 second improvement)
Jackie S 2:02 (almost under 2 minutes - come on Jackie)
Mel W 2:03 (proving she can keep up with the best of them)

Paul 1:52 (only new here but after the title of fastest man)
Alex 1:50 (another new comer with great potential)

A great new bunch of talent who are going strong, keeping the GarageGYM competition alive and allowing for greater progress as a result. Great going everyone. See you all tomorrow.

A warm welcome is always needed for two more new recruits jumping aboard the train to optimum fitness this week. Robert who has shown his dexterity already by not procrastinating and joining up for a Saturday morning session. And Michael P, ready for a battle, starting here tomorrow afternoon. Welcome to both of you.

Tuesday, August 28

Rest Day

No training today so here is a little light reading:

"Training is no Guarantee of Health"

Monday, August 27

Back Online

Sorry to have missed the last few days of posting. No excuses so I'll just shout my mouth and get on with it.

Last week ended on a fairly easy note as I downgraded most peoples sessions to allow them a bit of recovery from the long hard haul we've all been doing over the winter months. It was a mixture of exercises, enough to the get the heart rate going but not enough to emit any soreness.

Jackie and Erin are going strong with Jess jumping in the deep end and matching it with them both even though they have been here for several weeks now and Jess is just beginning. Together you all push each other and push the garagegym envelope of what is possible. Great going.

Robert still hanging around and still putting in all he can muster. Robert, you are one of the most consistent people Ive ever met, well done! See you next week for a more brutal session.

Mel W is getting in better shape every session, each one building upon last weeks work. Fairly new to the world of GarageGYM but enough session under her belt to know what is asked of her, Mel does extraordinarily well ever time and without even a whimper.

Sid had a great session, no holding back - not that you ever do Sid. Another one who keeps coming back and if I have learnt anything from my many years in the fitness industry it is those who continue to turn up each week who get the gains they are after.

And we welcome the return of Christie who has had a month off to finish home renovations. A moderate session of mixed exercises to break her in, but no suprise she rowed a better time than she had done before with a new PB of 2:05.7 - showing us that a little rest isn't a bad thing - just not too much hey Christie.

Paul and Belinda in Friday noght after their trip to the snow along with several other GarageGYM members and Coach Tommy took them through their workouts.

Jen finished off the week on Saturday with a beautiful park workout as the sun was shining and we couldn't resist. Lots of fun on the play equipment, Jen showing me she hasn't lost her childhood spirit. See you Wednesday Jen.

Monday back at the Garage and it was one of those weekends where most people wanted their Monday's off from training. Only Ginette made it in for the morning and even she was in a hurry. A solid set of squats, deadlifts and the dynamic clean and press reserved for the elite only is what Ginette was served with. She managed just fine and had superb technique and really showing her foundational work she has doen over the past winter. Time to pick up the pace and enjoy the sun Ginette.

I'll make a post now about new recruit Michael D.

is on a mission and we here at the Garage are going to help him achieve it. I won't divulge too much yet, but from first impression, Michael seems the type to really put it all on the line and get the most out of every workout - another real Garagegym memebr in the making. Great to have you on board Mick.

Wednesday, August 22

The Sun is Back

Mel W waiting patiently for her first session this week. Mel is a favourite of GarageGYM's, never whinging and always asking for more... Today was no excetion. We strated the day with yesterday's WOD of db burpee variations, rowing and knee holds. Three devastating exercises performed for three rounds. Always a great combination. And really pushing clients. Great going Mel, and well done on a new 500m rowing PB.

Aldo in straight after looking for the same challenge. Aldo has graduated from five plus sessions now and is in the big league and he took up the challenge well. Again the same WOD and again the same attitude getting him over the line. Never say never. Try, try, try...! Great Aldo, a definite improvement in fitness and a big twenty plus seconds improvement in 500m rowing times. Go Aldo.

Sid in for a great session and she kicked off the daily WOD of tabata intervals for pull ups, push ups, sit ups, squats and skipping. And Sid smilled with glee as she got through all of them with improved strength, stamina, and overall fitness. Sid, keep going, your always improving. Always.

Ginette the Gun in looking for some revenge from Monday's challenging workout when she was a little flat. Who cares Ginette, you made up for it today with an awesome tabata interval session of pull ups, push ups(on her feet for most), sit ups, squats and skipping. Again, another session bites the dust as you cleaned it right up.

Liz and Frank in today, not so dynamic as Frank was nursing a runned down body due to a nasty little bug trying to beat him. He didn't let it stop him as he and gorgeous Liz hit the Tabata intervals. Great all round, especially Liz who was on fire and always, and I mean always, does whatever is thrown at her, proving once again that girls are as tough if not stronger than men when it comes to will power. Frank did well just turning up.

And Jen, glorious Jen, with her new found contentment in life, really had a fresh new approach to training and tackled it in superb form and even finished the session off by saying, "oh, that was easy" - see Jen, its all in the mind. Excellent work, i look forward to more brutal and demanding sessions with you.

Coach Tommy had his 5pm session with GarageGYM members so I cannot speak on his behalf, but i did train ALex and Mel and I must say, obviously they are both young and in okay shape as it is, but their genetic potential is extraordinary, and they will both go far with consistent and intense training whcih they have shown they are capable of. Great going guys. Love your work.

Monday, August 20


Coach Tommy gave Coral some of the old PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD to her specialised program. It is amazing how as little as 5-10 more reps can make all the difference to a session at the GARAGE. The PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD PRINCIPLE is a part of each members program at the GARAGE. It basically means that Coach Michael and Tommy add a little bit more intensity to your WODS every week (this is how we all better ourselves during each and every session

Franky and josephine seem to progress in strength and fitness every time they get stuck into there workout.
They enjoyed the new variation to the burpees and after the WOD still had some energy and motivation left to go for a 5 min run around the block. Great Stuff guys

Bob the builder of muscle did an awesome job at the Garage gym work site. Bob completed the WOD ( DB burpees, skipping, knee raise and hold) to max intensity. SO DID HIS DAUGHTER SARAH. Great sess you two!

mel and alex are new to many of Michaels WODS but they are quick to pick things up. Alex wanted an extra set of bicep curls so Coach Tommy gave him 3! ha!

Friday, August 17

How to Eat

Meat and Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, Some fruit, little starch, and almost no sugar. Enough said. "quoting my mentor, Coach Greg"

Another fiery day at the Garage

What wonderful competition and results we are all achieving.

Anne in for her last session before her big ski trip so we took it moderately so she wouldn't be sore for the slopes this weekend. A bit on the rower, some intervals and the wall ball challenge, of course, which she did in under four minutes, a three minute improvement on her old score - with a heavy medicine ball. Have fun Anne, you've trained hard and you will be rewarded with many fun days on the slopes out doing all your peers.

Mel W in straight after and no holiday for her. Hard work again after Wednesdays big session which she was still feeling the remnants from. Wallball challenge, and yes, she also scored under 3 minutes for the wallball - with a four kilogram ball. Wow, absolutely great! We followed this up with tabata push ups, 50 sit ups and back extensions, 5o thrusters, and a good solid 1000m row. All in all, another great performance from mel who is going from strength to strength.

Sid in for her second one of the week. Again the challenge was put to her and she scored under 4 minutes. To note: under four minutes is a great time, under three is incredible. All of you achieved either one of these. Looks like the Garage is working! Sid did a variation of the WOD, doing heavy lunges instead of thrusters, tabata skipping, sit ups. Good work Sid. Moving along nicely.

Ginette, Guinea Pig Ginette today. She sampled a new interval I am playing with: 15 reps of a heavy weight exercise followed by 30 seconds rest, repeated for a total of 5 rounds. And boy did it hurt. A few extra seconds rest to keep her form, what a gut busting effort. But that wasn't all, tabata row for 8 rounds in between this exercise and the next, same interval pattern, different exercise - 40kg squats. A herculean effort from ginette saw her over the line. Thanks for toughing it out Ginette. Today was my pleasure.

Belinda and Paul in, both sore from Wednesday's workout, Paul a lot more so. He didn't tell me they were leaving for the slopes also this weekend - I could have taken it easy!!! They did do the smart thing and trained this evening to help dissipate the soreness to a degree by exercising (moderately) which got blood to the sore muscles (and as we all know, it is the blood which carries all the goodness around our bodies) and will speed up their recovery. Belinda did a cariation of Ginette's monster session, combined with tabata skipping and sit ups, and Paul rowed his soreness away mixed in with some push press and squat rounds. Enjoy the snow - we will all be thinking off you.

"I'll see tomorrow's members for another end to a smashing week"

Thursday, August 16

I Must Eat My Words

I said in yesterdays post that no one else would possibley beat 3 minutes for the wall ball but it looks like I have underestimated you all. Enormous gains have gotten you all extraordinary results and tonight Robert was the Hero. He did the wall ball challenge for the first time since starting GarageGYM several months ago. His time, a fantastic 2:39. WOW! And finished the session of with a ferocious tabata push up, thruster, sit up, beck extension and row session - fast and hard. Exceptional Robert. Well done.

Jackie and Erin started the moring and Erin had her shot a the wall ball challenge. A new client and stopped several times to improve her technique, she scored a time of 7 minutes. Great time Erin - something to work on! Jackie did her first 1000m row and got a moderate score considering her other records for other exercises, but she has to have one weak point. Erin did well on the row and scored a new PB for her 500m row time from 2:22 to 2:20. They finshed with some heavy weights.

Gulnaz was still nursing a small injury in her arm so we focused on her lower body again: box jumps 50, sit ups 50, back extensions 50 for three rounds. Super G. Have a rest after three solid sessions and I'll see you on Saturday.

Bob, we missed you yesterday and a big thanks for the flowers sent to our door to celebrate the arrival of our newborn. Thank you very much.

Ive gotten some sleep last night so I feel much better today.

Wednesday, August 15

A Family Affair

We have several members from the same family - siblings, uncles, aunties, mothers, fathers, partners...its crazy! Anymore and I'll have to re-name the studio after them.

On a more serious note, business is going strong, thanks to a fantastic, no-nonsense approach method of fitness, dedicated and hard working clients, and our will as humans to better ourselves and take the challenge of greater health.

Its so busy that keeping this post going is a full time job. You'll notice the time I'm writing this entry and the fact that I have missed the last couple of days as proof.

Here is a re-cap of the last few days:

First session in on Monday morning - Linda. Linda is one of our newest members and so far is enjoying the gradual increase in intensity. We did a meener than usual workout with Wall ball, box jumps dips and tababta skipping. In between each exercises we did ten reps of knee raises - a fantastic core exercise which is far superior to sit-ups.

Next in was Anne. A soldier in the army of GarageGYM and always ready to take up the battle. Anne is supremely fit, strong and looking great. Anne came to us over a year ago looking for improvements for her annual ski trip. What she found was a challenging and rewarding habit which is making her achieve a level of fitness which will help her in more than her skiing. Well done Anne on a tremendous years training. Enjoy your week of up the alps.

Ginette was back in after a week of to rest those tight and toned muscles of hers. Ginette trained a monster session on Monday and then came in today and she showed her increased energy and fitness with a record breaking wall ball record of 3:09 with a 4kg medicine ball. This is an extraordinary effort and she beat everyone up to date with this everyone - the men and women. Ginette, you having improved ten fold since joining several months ago and it is due to your unwavering persistance. You truly fight to the death - sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. I love working out with you.

Liz and Frank - the dynamic duo - were also in Monday and today. Again to dedicated members who push till there is nothing left in the tank, and again they did with the wall ball challenge, both breaking their own personal best times. Liz down from over 5minutes to 4 minutes flat, and Frank from 3:45 down to 3:35. Both have shown extraordinary body transformations and also have a long list of other benefits from continuous traing. Thank you both for your time here. It has been a blast

Coach Tommy continued with the devastating sessions on Monday evening. Unfortunately I cannot speak for him but I do know all his clients. Coral is one of the longest members here at the Garage and has soldiered on despite many setbacks. She continues to turn up and do her utmost at attaining great health. Keep up with the work load Coral. It must be done.

ALso Frank, Josephine, Bob, Jackie and new member Ellen were in that night - but I'll speak about them later on.

Tuesday saw Gulnaz and Mert start the evening sessions off. Mert, full of beans, keep us enteratined while we worked on and around G's small injury. They both hit the gym tonigh as well, and G focused on her legs finishing a monster leg workout of 150 squats - 100 jumping squats - 50 lunges. Mert did wall ball and a watered down version of the daily WOD. See you both tomorrow.

Mel and Alex (great to meet you both for the first time) were in for another one of their initiation sessions. Both keen to get results, they pushed extremely hard despite being only newcomers. They did the farmers run with very heavy weights interspursed with various exercises which really gave them a hard and thorough wokrout. Keep it up, the results will come and you'll being to love every minute of it.

Erin continuing with her exercise routine and becoming a familiar face was in again to push hard. The same was as the session before, she also was pushed hard, as everyone always is, and together we got her to really get the most out of herself. Now you are a pro at GarageGYM Erin, its time to accelerate the intensity and reach for the stars in terms of health, fitness and all that comes with it.

And, finally, to Wednesdays session - all twelve of them. Mel W in for her workout which she loves so much and keeps coming back for more. Again the WOD of farmers run and various other exercises was administered and she devoured it whole. Excellent attitude, strength and increasing fitness is seeing Mel W get the results she wants - hard work + time = success.

Lovely Sid and ready for whatever I throw at her. A really hard session as well. Instead of just various exercises in between the farmers run, we also threw in some great conversations. Thanks for the words of wisdom Sid. Your body is getting better every time I see you but don't think it is ok not to train just because your looking great. Keep coming back.

Jen is back for more - always and forever. She is adicted and cannot get enough of this place. Its obvious why though. Great coaches, a private environment and pure, hard, work. Jen hit the wall with the ball and smashed...yes, smashed her old time of 8:05 and recorded a blistering 3:39. I forget to tell her first time that it was a race against the clock, but still, an obvious improvement. Jen, your great, thanks for the presents and I look forward to Saturday's session.

Kim and Janaya completed the mornings workouts with their first attempt at the Wall Ball Challenge. The shared the load and finished together on 4:20. A great starting time and lots of improvements to come. Janaya was keen to beat her already impressive rowing time and that she did. A new time of 2:14 was recorded and she put out the challenge to Ginette that she is after her record - this si what it is all about! Kim, your technique, understanding of the human body and all round fitness is superb and I cannot wait to build on it. It's great to have you both on board.

Frank P made his return to GarageGYM this week and together with sis Josephine, they hit the wall to beat their old times, and, obvious now in this post, they also beat them. People are getting fitter, better bodies, and feeling full of energy thanks to the hard work they are applying on themselves. Oh yes, their times for the challenge: Josephine - 3:21 with 4kg and Frank with 3:20 with 5kg. Very impressive, and great end to the session as well.

Seb and gorgeous Mary followed. A few niggles didn't stop Mary as she powered through a leg session of 150 squats - 50 jumping squats - 50 lunges and much core work. Mary, you try and try and try and you can match it with anyone when it comes to determination. And, THE CHAMPION OF THE DAY, YEAR, DECADE - should I go on. Not only has his body gone from great to absolutely spectacular, Seb's fitness, muscle mass, body fat, strength, power, agility, endurance, speed and so forth has increased through the roof. How do I know, just look at his Wall Ball Challenge time - 2:24 - the first ever person probably on the face of the planet to get under three minutes. No more words are needed. P.S. Thank you so much for the gift both of you - Thank You.

ALdo in as a lone ranger which allows me to hone in on him. After Mary's advice to 'work him hard' that we did. But, Aldo was up to the challenge and he completed the wall ball challenge in a blistering pace of 3:10. A fantastic result for a newcomer and the super performance must run in the family. Aldo also completed the rest of the session with thirteen rounds of the WOD. Excellent Aldo, your fitness is already up.

Belinda and Paul in. Belinda a few session in so i didn't let up on her once. Paul on the other hand is just new to the garage so I went a little easier - that won't last. Belinda got her first result for the wall challenge and she got uner 4 minutes for the exercise. Again, for a beginner, this is extraordinary. Paul did a variation of everything cause I want him to come back - I'll unleash the full force in a few sessions time. Thank you both for putting your trust in me and I look forward to a growing relationship in body, health and just everyday life.

And, for the final session but just as great as all others - Jackie and newbie Ellen. Ellen displayed awesome fintess, endurance and resolve for a first time GarageGYM user and will definitely achieve much with this program. Welcome Ellen. Jackie - psycho Jackie(psycho because she never stops and does it four times a week) lived up to her fittist woman title and almost threw Ginette from the podium. It has only been a couple of months but Jackie is already showing results in everything she does. You may be genetically gifted Jackie - but that doesn't mean anything when faced with the pain of the workouts - you also have the tenacity to keep coming back for more. Go get 'em!

Thank you and good night. I love this place.


Tuesday, August 14


Why gymnastics, weightlifting and sprintings as fundamentals to optimum and true health and fitness?

Gymnasts have no peer in core power, upperbody strength, and agility, accuracy, balance and coordination. They are superior to everyone in body control.

Weightlifters are masters of power, speed and hip and leg strength. Powerful hip extension is the most critical element of human performance and funtionality and no one can compete with a weightlifter.

Sprinters have enormous physical potential due to their competency in both metabolic states - high intensity (anaerobic) and low intenisty (aerobic) and the total conditioning that sprinting demands.

Blending workouts from gymnastics (push ups, pull ups, squats, sit ups, jumping), weightlifting (deadlifts, bench press, push press) and sprinting (short bursts of high intensity) gives us a total greater than the sum of its parts - GarageGYM athletes!

Keep up the great work - the workouts performed at GarageGYM give you the potential to be one of the fittest people on earth - at least fitter than YOU have ever thought possible. But it doesn't come easy - happiness never does.