Saturday, April 28

Sydeny Harbour Bridge

Jen returned after her adventure to King Island and her "run" up sydney harbour bridge (can we have a photo ?!?) She blitzed her old rowing time by a massive 10 seconds from 2.50 to 2.40 first up in today's session...Go Jen! And we started using the rings, working her up into a full sumersault. Jen reckons nine months...I say 9 weeks.

Friday, April 27

missed yesterday's post - made up for it today...

Missed yesterdays post - fantastic day of sessions though. Beautiful workout, really getting to use the olympic rings. All did well. Bob the wonder man blitzed through his workout. Personal Best on the bench press. And big improvement on the knee raises - his legs were almost straight this time round. When he started with them he couldn't even get his knees up - well done Bob!

Tricia was back to her best form. Really pushing hard and excelling as always. Went through the five rounds without a hitch, Good to have you back Tricia.

Ginette always strong, always leading the pack. Broke her 500m record as well (from 2:06 to 2:03.6) Go Ginette!

Jess' final session before getting married this Saturday and then off for a short holiday(he is a workaholic!!!) and he'll be straight back in here. I gave him a tough one so when he is sore on his wedding day he thinks of me! Congratulations to both of you, Jess and Chrsitie.

Roberts getting much stronger, his triceps were BULDGING this week. Keep it up Robert and you will need a bigger bra size!

And Gulnaz, each session is better than her last. Next week she is doing three session a week. Can't wait to see her progress a few more sessions in!

Thank you all for being patient. Keep up the great work.

Wednesday, April 25

Rest Day

Happy Anzac Day. Hope you all enjoyed the game...and the rest. See you all back tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 24

Wednesday's Workout for those enthusiasts

Bench Press (your body weight for load) for max reps
Pull Ups for max reps

Five rounds , max repitions in each round, blitz through it.
Record reps for each set as your score

This is what competition is all about...

Brother and sister team, Frank and Joesephine P blitzed through their workouts (as always) both recording times of 20:16 and 21:10 respectively. Joesephine proved that she really was doing x amount of sit ups every other night by doing an easy 30 second V-hold. Frank almost beat Joe in the rowing, but she came back in the end. The push-ups are far to easy for Frank - we willhave to start up the work load next session. Most importantly, what they both achieved via the exciting, challengning and natural art form of competition is what will give both of these GarageGYM members there extraordinary results. Yes it is hard to train. Yes it is hard to push out one or two more reps. But if you know that you will "win" (either against another opponenet or yourself) by doing that last one, then No, it is not hard to do that last is a must!

Gulnaz, her forth session in, and already blitzing the field. Although we are still in moderate mode. She is going to be one tough competitor on the GrarageGYM scene. Go get em Gulnaz! A great time as well for her WOD: only 21.16 and she is a beginner-take note everyone.

Enjoy ANZAC day. Remember those who fought for our right to live in this beautiful country we all call home.

Monday, April 23

Todays Results

First off the mark was Tricia W - a little under the weather so we switched it up and did some medium distance rowing and core work only - she is looking foward to Thursday's session so she can get back into it.

Then came Anne, the skier. One of the truly hard workers who does not give up. She achieved a time of 24:00 minutes flat with weights of 5kg for the thrusters (which is 1kg more than her previous best-well done Anne)

Then came the Deadly Duo: Liz and Frank. Frank Stayed away from the WOD today and did a full session on the rings: great ability-blew him away-but great ability. Liz scored a time of 26:07 minutes for the WOD with 7kg thrusters. 2kg heavier than her previous PB.

Ginette, our female record holder in rowing, achieved a good time of 24:17 with 7kg thrusters(these were tough for her) but she got through the session in a good time.

ANd then came Christie - 20:00 flat. Blistering pace, loved the ring pull-ups, hated the rowing, but none the less, she is our record holder for the day! Go Chrsitie!!! Maybe it was all her nervous energy leading up to her wedding day this Saturday that got her over the line!

Todays Workouts

Great Workout today, low reps, high weight; less taxing mentally and more challenging physically.

Row 600/400/200m
Push Ups 20/15/10
Thrusters 20/15/10
Ring Pull Ups 20/15/10
V-Holds 40 sec

3 rounds for time doing each exercise once before repeating on the lower rep count.


How does this work?!?

Forgive me while I learn as much as I can over the next two weeks before i publicise my web address to the world!

Whatever you can dream you can achieve, with...

...hard work of course. In the beginning, early on in my fitness career, i tried as much as possible to make the endeavour of reaching my clients fitness goals as easy as possible. And I became good at it, making sessions easier and easier. The trouble is, I found my clients putting in less andless effort, turning up less and less, and simply not getting results at all.

I thought that making exercise easy would allow more people to participate and get more people fit. Great in theory, awful in practice. I was wrong.

26 years later i now realise, not just in fitness but in every other single endeavour in life there is only one way to ahcieve success in anything. Whether it be relationships, your career or your fitness goals, and that is pure, intelligent HARD WORK. And that is what GarageGYM is now all about.

We have done our homework, we have the greatest form of training available. We allow you to compete against other members of similar fitness to give you further motivation. We have short, intense, thirty minute workouts for maximum results. Informed and fit coaches. What ever it is you need to achieve your fitness goals-we have it. All you need to bring is your desire for change, a super work ethic and the ability to listen.

You will change your life. You will succeed. All it takes is HARD WORK!