Sunday, September 30

A bit of trivia

Here are some snippets of information which relates to all of us which may help in your weight loss goals.

Jogging for one hour will burn approximately 150 calories.

1 kilogram of fat is actually 1,700 calories of stored ENERGY

The average male requires approximately 3,200 calories per day to MAINTAIN his weight

The average female requires approximately 2,900 calories

Going by the above statistics, if you ate just 100 calories below your daily requirement you would lose 1 kilogram in exactly 17 days. Have a deficit of 200 calories per day and it will take you just 8 days to lose 1 kilogram.

If you were to jog a kilogram off your body it would take you about 12 hours of non-stop jogging. But, don't forget, jogging for that long will also cause muscle to be lost, the essential tissue which requires 50 calories per day per kilogram. So you would have to jog a few more hours, but you'd also lose more muscle, and the viscious cycle continues.

The real and only possible way to lose fat is to know what you are putting down your neck!

Here is a sample of what you are putting down there:

1 bottle of beer = 135 calories
1 glass of spirits = 220+ calories
1 gram of protein = 4 calories
1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories
1 gram of fat = 9 calories

We eat to comply with our daily energy expenditure (from 2,900 - 3,200 calories per day) and to also give our bodies the essential building blocks and nutrients to keep on living healthily.

We need carbohydrates for energy for our brains and our body to operate optimally. Our bodies only stor about 700 grams of carbohydrates(when you weigh over 60kg - that isn'tmuch at all) So we are required by nature to constantly eat carbohydrates to keep functioning. We cannot burn fat without the energy to burn it up with!

We need protein as all muscle, tissue, brain and other body parts are made of it. Eat it or lose it!

We need fat for brain function, organ function, and as a form of energy as well. If you do not have fat in your diet (real fat-meats, nuts, dairy) you will also not function properly and this will againlead to bad health and an inability to process and lose excess fat.

Now, if wee need 3,000 calories per day, and we need all three food groups-fats, carbs and protein. What is the ratio? A standard one everyone talks about is 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. A healthy and typical meal of grilled meat or fish and a side of veges or salad would equal this ratio.

What portion side is correct. The theory says nothing bigger than the palm of your hand. The theory works. Eat more than that every meal and you are guaranteed to eat well over the 3,000 calorie threshold.

Sorry to get so technical but it is really quit simple.

Eat less than your daily requirement and you will lose weight.

Avoid losing muscle as it will lower your daily requirement and you will have to eat less and less to keep from putting fat back on.

Exercise is not the best form of fat loss, eating correctly is.

Eat a balanced meal every meal.

Eat no more than can fit into your hand. If you eat this way you are able to eat every two to three hours. Every two is better for fat loss and energy levels and to stave of sweet cravings.


Thanks for listening.

Coach Michael

Monday, September 17

blue skys: and judd's coming to the blues!

Michael D has only one week until he goes in for a physical test to get him into a firemans suit. over the last couple of weeks he has been training real hard to improve his all round fitness. Good luck Mic.

bob the builder of muscle blasted his way through an enduring session. its sessions like these that make life worth living!

Welcome Back

We were off line for a few days doing some technical work on the website (being a lazy bastard and having a holiday)

Over the past few weeks a lot of people have had the sniffles or a little
worse. But it looks like its all past now and we can get back on with
our hardcore training.

There were no Monday morning session today so I came in and did a workout (yes, I do workout as well). Coach Tommy is in this evening to give all your bodies a good whoping, just what they need after a relaxing weekend - we can't let all those hard
earned muscles get stagnate and atrophy!

Ive been doing a fair bit of research lately into fitness, as I always almost do, and there is always two common themes that reoccur no matter what form of
training, or sport or athlete is speaking. 1) high intensity,
intelligent hard work, and 2) consistency.

Fotunately for all
of our members, the first one is mandatory as soon as you enter the
studio. And fortunately for our members again, all you have to do is
turn up. Also, just as important but not as recurring , is the need for
feedback - visible, tangible results, and this just doesn't mean
physical transformations. It can include increased loads, better
technique, faster times, and even being victorious at competition. I
find I work best when training for a reason, instead of an abstract as,
"i want to get fit," or "i want to look good." Like a competition or a
certain load, or a time, etc. Think about it, what would motivate you
to do better and give more each session. Is it a local fun run, a
tennis tournament, the first time you can do a certain movement, or
anything else which would motivate you. See what you come up with and
post a comment or bring it up next session. Keep training hard, and Ill
see you all later in the week.

Its good to be back online.

Monday, September 10

Great Work

We've had some great results and workouts the past few days. A big
congratulations is reserved for Robert G who smashed his old 500m
rowing Pb and at the same time, set a new world record atGarageGYM. His time - 1:40.6. Great Result Robert. Enjoy your three weeks off now in the U.S.

fantastic competitor is Jess. Not only did she beat all the girls and
boys on the beep test with a great result of 11.7. Her rowing times are
almost the best for the girls. She is currently on 1:59 and is afterGinette's
1:55. Jess also want to be the first girl to beat 4 minutes for the
1000m Row, event though only two men have broken four minutes. Your
determination will get you far Jess.

has been extraordinarily consistent. Turning up four sessions a week,
taking advantage of the new system. And her results are showing. She's
toning up, tightening up and getting fitter and stronger. She is 3
seconds off a sub 2 minute rowing time and she will break it!

and Alex have also been taking advantage of the new system and have
taken up three sessions a week. One sure way to get fitter is do
exercise more.Together they are a great team, and despite different
aims, they both put in as much intensity as they both can. I hope you
two enjoyed your days off and are ready for another big week of

Linda is doing exceptional. Although only once a week, she has improved out of sight. Straight
leg lifts for multiple rounds, excellent squat technique and a high
beep test score. You put in every session and don't complain once
Linda. Keep it up.

Anne is back in the zone and her body is
ready for more. She did a big session today and with flawless technique
and big loads. All up she is getting better and better and she proved
it with a 2:29 rowing time at the end of the session.

Mel W is
getting stronger and better and stronger and fitter. A great attitude
towards training and on the new system ready for three sessions a week.
With her determination and consistency, there is no limit to what she
can achieve. Her rowing times keep dropping, her loads keep increasing
and her form gets better and better. Its always a pleasure Mel.

in, and looking great. Tough sessions as always. Her form is also
improving and her body is getting stronger and stronger. You all probably
don't notice, but as the sessions progress, I can see the subtle
progressions in performance. And Sid has over the months, gotten stronger and more stable in her technique and her body is stabilising itself much better. This means, less injury and great health and wellbeing. Good work Sid.

D is on a mission and nothing is going to get in his way. He pushes
hard every session and does not give up. What ever you want you can
have Mickey with an attitude like yours. Keep applying yourself and
good luck on your test today.

Overall, everyone keeps excelling.
Everyone is putting in 100% and getting the results they desire. Keep
coming back and I look forward to a big weeks of training.

As to the previous posts of price changes etc. etc. I hope your all not confused because I am!!!

A definite change will be the opening hours which are now advertised on the studio door:

7am - 10pm and 4:30pm - 7:30pm.

session will be performed out side of these times so you'll have to
make yourselves available between these times. Most of you do train
between these times so it will only be the odd one or two who are put

As to the pricing structure. I don't bloody know - it keeps
changing. Some of you are now on the old rate, some are on the 50 a
week rate and some are on the 20 a session rate...what a f@#*$ up!!!

I'll clarify it all during this week. Bare with me. The studio is remaining open, just the change of hours will make it easier on the trainers. Thank you for your patience and support.

Thursday, September 6

Oops - I've done it again

Forgive me for being a pain in the ass, but again I'm going to make some changes to the structure here at The Garage. But first I'll tell you why...

I love fitness, lets get that straight. It's probably no surprise to any of you and that's because its the truth. I study it constantly, try to do it consistently and for the past two years, have been sharing that knowledge with you all.

Of course I also love a lot of other things in life, and despite the pleasure I derive from running a business, it is not what I solely want to do with my life. It was then, but it isn't now. Of course, if I were to just shut the doors, all of you would be left without this fantastic facility, and the equipment would just collect dust. What a waste. Not the best option. And besides, I do like it here, I just don't have the time to run it like I have been. Sure I could hire other trainers, and Ive thought about it a lot, but again, this will take up my time and is not how I want to see the place end up. It started as a nice, communal gym, and it will end up as one. And this is what I have in mind.

The first change will be the opening hours. No longer will I be open all day everyday as I have been, and training one client every few hours. Not a good use of my time. I will therefore open from the times: 7am - 10am and 4pm - 7:30pm.

Secondly, we will still have bookings due to the limited space, but we will be able to book up to two clients per half hour, and sometimes three, but we'll see how that goes. For now it will be two clients per sessions. The bookings will also be left up to you, on our new communal bookings board. Each week you will write up the times you would like to come in, for everyone to see, so you can all work around each other. And the onus is on you to turn up, if you do not, and I notice you are writing up times and not coming in, you'll be booted out of the community garage gym for lack of commitment and wasting other peoples time.

Thirdly, I'm scraping all payment methods, systems, plans, rates etc. From now on, there will be one flat rate and one flat rate only. $20 per session. Every time you come to the community garage, you will pay just $20 for entry. Its pay as you go. That's all there will be. $20 visits. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fourthly, keeping score of all your workouts will be up to you from now on. I'll teach you all how to do it, and if you wish, you can keep track of your workouts. If you don't care. Don't do it. It's your choice.

I'll still write up workouts, watch and teach you technique, motivate and push you that bit further. I'll keep going with the website as it is a great way to pass on knowledge and just have fun. I'll pretty much do what Ive been doing. Keeping the gym going, keeping it clean and tidy, making sure there are fresh towels and water. And offering fitness advice whenever i can.

The only real changes is the $20, and communal booking board, and the time open and closed.

This way, it will ensure the continuation of the studio and allow me to also pursue my other endeavours. If these changes are not to your liking, your more than happy to join a commercial gym, or pay a minimum of $50 per session at a personal training studio. I doesn't phase me. What I do know is that we are the best priced personal training studio, we have the best approach to training around, and we have a lot of fun competing and urging each other on through our results. Not many other studios can boast these three claims.

Questions or Comments - write an email or ring me up.

Wednesday, September 5

beep beep

Mary and Seb tried there luck at the good old beep test and ran till their hearts were content. Mary scored 5.4 and Seb scored 9.6 but stopped when Coach Tommy acidently turned off the computer! Im sure Seb will beat his score next time he gives it a go.

Mel and Alex arrived in yet another new car. this one being a convertable! but trained hard they did and left satisfied.

Tuesday, September 4

Big WOD Day

Big Workout Of the Day today. Erin kicked it off 12 hours since her last session. She is a girl on a mission. First 1000m row she broke her 500m and 1000m record: 2:03 and 4:18 respectively. Go Erin. Great thruster technique and challenging pull up combos. Combined with two more rounds she did extremely well and worked extremely hard.

Kim and Janaya in for it next. They did the beep test first. Kim got a solid score of 5.5 and Janaya burned up the floor to get a great 7.0 score. They then hit the thrusters and pull ups followed by the last two rounds of the WOD. Janaya's squat technique has improved out of sight as Kim always does it right!

Gulnaz back in, another one on a mission. A big workout from her doing the WOD with variations due to her tiny injury. Very strong rowing times for all the three row combined with overhead squats with 10kg and deadlifts with 30kg with great technique. A super session G.

Paul and Belinda in, all fired up and ready for another big week of training. The beep test to begin and both hitting high scores. Paul on 8.0 and Belinda on 8.5. Exceptional, both of you. The rest of the WOD was difficult but Belinda ate it up well. Paul did the best pull ups he has ever done which slowed him down a little. Remember everyone. the aim isn't quantity, its quality - quantity comes after we have perfected form.

Alex and Mel M to finish off the night and they finished it with a BANG! Mel hitting the highest score for the girls with 9.8 - SUPERB, and Alex getting the highest male and overall score of 10.6. A very, very, very good score Alex - this equals a high level of cardio fitness. They then went on to finish the WOD which Mel did easily and Alex took his time with - again he did great pull up form. Mel was so good she did three rounds of knee holds for a long 45 seconds each. Both of you are superb and it is great to see you are both going to take advantage of the "more sessions per week" rule.

Great day - can't wait for tomorrows victims!

A New System for a New Season

The new season is here and with it comes a change in the conditions at garagegym. Just as spring brings in longer days and warming sun rays, the new changes at the garage herald more training days for a lower pay rate.

We want you to train as much as possible and to make it as easy, convenient and affordable as possible. For these reason we have set up a simple system to allow you to train as much as you possibly can for one flat rate.

- from now on there will be a single flat rate for each member of $50

- this one rate will allow each member to train up to four days per week

- you will now be able to train with one other member, so it will be more challenging, fun and inspirational. Your still required to book in each session.

With the new method you will be able to train more for less money, have greater flexibility and of course, get fitter, faster.

Thank you for all your support and I hope you all take full advantage of the new and improved system at The Garage.

Monday, September 3

What the "Beep"!

The weather didn't hold anyone back today.

Anne's first session and couldn't wait. After an adventure on the slopes it was time to get back into it ready for the warmer months. A simple program of 800m rowing followed by 30 reps of heavy bench for three rounds gave Anne a good start back into it. See you Friday Anne.

Michael D was in and kicked off everyone on the beep test. Mick has only been training for four sessions now and already he scored an above average 6.2 for the garagegym beep test. He finished the session off with tabata intervals of push ups, over head squats, knee holds and back extensions. Your getting fitter daily Mick.

Coral in next and my first session back with her after some time. She showed her increase in fitness and strength by doing three rounds of pull ups, step ups, sit ups, knee holds and wall ball for 50 shots. Great to see you again Coral. Go hard all the way until you take off for Vietnam.

Frank and Josephine in to trial the Beep test as well. Josephine hit the wall after 7.1 and Frank made it all the way to 8.2. Together they finished the day off with tabata over head squats and dips, 6 rounds of 30 second knee holds (tough) and 60 heavy wall ball shots. See you both Wednesday. Keep it up. Thanks for the business advice Frank.

Bob and Sarah in together flexing their muscles. Sarah ran a 7.1 to go keep the Gym's average up and Bob blitzed everyone, despite his sore bum from the 400 lunges the other day, and got the top score so far of 10.5... WOW! Always amazing me Bob. Together they did a nice finish off session of pull ups, push ups, sit ups, back extensions and squats for 50 reps each.

Gulnaz was in while Merty raised his IQ. G did a 7.8 on the beep test to get the highest score for the girls so far. She then did 100 10kg db lunges, 15 strict pull ups, and then 100 free lunges. -you'll be sore tomorrow Gulnaz.

Erin finished the night with a 6.8 beep test score. Again an impressive result for a new girl and some one who hates running. Erin has been at it for a little while and has just started doing four sessions a week solidly. With our new pay rate and freedom of training schedule. Everyone can now enjoy multiple sessions a week for less money. Ask about it if you don't already know!