Thursday, December 27

Merry Christmas

Thank you all for the wonderful times this year. It has been a very productive one in every sense of the word and we have had some tremendous results both inside and outside of the gym

It has been a pleasure training you all and i want to thank the dedicated few who have hung around through all the pain. WIth out you there would be no garage gym. It is your perserverance and hard work which makes this such a unique and great gym to train out of.

Have a great start to 2008, and lets make it better than the last one.

Sunday, December 9

Jingle Bells - our workouts feel like hell

Its been an extreme few weeks with multiple clients feeling the pain of intense workouts.

Robert G had a massive attack of the 'burn' when he achieved what no one else has achieved before at the garge. A 1:40 500m rowing time and an untouchable 3:40 1000m rowing time. Despite the pain, Robert soldiered on and now is the undisputed knig of the hill.

Jess was another victim of the 'burn' as she to reached the pinnacle of the girls rowing times with a 1:50 and 3: 50 rowing times for the 500m and 1000m respectively. These tow members are one of the hardest working and they have the results to prove it.

Mel W is another fine specimen of how to bust your guts and feel like shit for it. Mel punishes herself (with the help of coach michael) and gets better and better every single session. A fereocious competitior and never happy with second best, Mel proves she is the best she can be...and sometimes even that isnt good enough for her.

Seb is addicted. A five day a week (or six, im not sure) gym addict, he has glistening muscles and a ripped torso, he also has overtraining symptoms of sore limbs, tendons and rotator cuffs - but you think thats going to stop him!?! Like i said he is a ddicted and is always looking for that next hit of the 'burn'. Im al for obsession Seb - you've picked the right one.

Bob is addicted also, but Bob is controlled. He is the type of man who uses disciplne to not only push himself in the gym, but to keep coming back, despite whatever he is facing. Second only to Robert in the rowing times, he leads the way in strength and is one of, if not the, strongest member at the garage. I just love bustin' his hump!

Erin is a soldier who always gives 100% and is always looking for more. She completes every workout flawlessly and in her on subtle way, ends up winning a lot fo the daily WOD results. Super fitness, growing strength and a perfect attitude contribute to her stealthy attitude and resluts.

Yvonne works hard. ANd when she finds the time she is a pleasure o train. Already a very fit contender, improvement is coming session by session. Keep coming back Yvonne. You have the potential to be the greatest - not that you already aren't!

Anna just doesn't stop. She is the most frequent trainer at the garage and is getting better. Despite the obstacle facing her, she continues to arrive, put in a tough effort and come back for more the following day. I take my hat off to you Anaa.

Anne, facing severe injury and the opportunity to discontinue her training regime, instead gets qualified opinions, finds out what is wrong and finds a way to keep on training. Now if any one deserves a medal for bravery it is Anne T. Nice one Anne.