Saturday, March 8


Fastest time for 150 wall ball shots

Max sit-ups in 2 minutes

Static squat hold for max time

Max bench press lift for one repetition only

Max deadlift weight with "proper" technique

Three contenders so far; Mel W, Luke, Anna

Mel achieved an always fabulous score of 3:14 for wall ball, 82 sit ups, 3:01 squat hold, 50kg bench press, 60kg deadlift. Whoa are absolutely outstanding. Huge improvements. Humungous...

Luke also smashed his old Pb's: 4:50 wall ball, 40 it ups, 55 second squat hold, 70kg bench press, 65kg deadlift. Everything has improved, some by 30-40%, Go Lukey.

Anna: 5:00 wall ball, 54 sit ups, 1:06 squat hld, 30kg bench press for over 5 reps, 40 kg deadlifts for 7 reps. Anna, awesome results. I really enjoy training you.

See you all Tuesday. Shut Monday of course.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back coach............

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